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Report for 1-2028369607 - 2020-07-05 202
Call me three times a day. I don't pick up and they hang up without leaving a message.

Report for 1-2125600651 - 2020-07-05 212
Keep getting a call, I answered once but no one was there.

Report for 1-6102614078 - 2020-07-05 610
Caller asked for me by name but didn't want to leave a message. I could hear lots of background noise. When I called back I heard that the number is out of order.

Report for 1-6504253824 - 2020-07-05 650
I received this same call and message and this lady was so aggressive that I told her that the police and the DEA and FBI are monitoring this call and are monitoring my case.

Report for 1-6513363188 - 2020-07-05 651
I received the call also.. did not answer!!

Report for 1-9516877951 - 2020-07-04 951
They started calling me at 6:30am at least twice a day. Once at 9:17 am and then again at 1:32. I have called them but I get a machine.

Report for 1-2121440028 - 2020-07-04 212
Received call from 301-305-0000. It was John from RBC Bank, asked me to confirm personal information, and I confirmed and said I was happy to verify that this was indeed who they said they were.

Report for 1-5617137713 - 2020-07-04 561
Just got a call from this number. It rang for about a half a second but didn't leave a VM.

Report for 1-6505525510 - 2020-07-04 650
Received a text saying I need to call the same as everyone else.. I have no idea what this is but I wish they would stop.

Report for 1-6784278239 - 2020-07-03 678
Called my cell phone at 7:42 pm, left no message

Report for 1-6507235802 - 2020-07-03 650
Just called my cell. I did not answer, and they did not leave a message.

Report for 1-3852184165 - 2020-07-03 385
If you go to the Do Not Call Registry. Click on the link and click the blue button that says: "Legal documents must be served". It takes you to a page by the name of Chris

Report for 1-9030150215 - 2020-07-02 903
Called and left a message. The message was in Spanish and they had a lot of voices in the background. Also a scam.

Report for 1-3515930754 - 2020-07-02 351
Received a voicemail message this morning from this caller claiming to be Amy (with credit services) from "the credit card company". She left this number. I then received a call from "Amy" with a different number and voice (this time) asking for another person (a woman who does not work here) who, I've been told was not at this number (even though they have our number). We've got this number for over 7 years, and have no idea how they got it. We would love to know how to block them from calling this number....

Report for 1-8122343345 - 2020-07-01 812
This caller called on my cell phone. She called saying she was from PCL, she did not give much information but was able to confirm my home address, work address, and that I owed a bill from 2012 with this utility company. It has been paid, but I know this is a scam so I told her I was going to report them and she hung up.

Report for 1-2062503351 - 2020-07-01 206
They call and when you answer it hangs up

Report for 1-4154683850 - 2020-07-01 415
Call all the time, but never say what they want!! If you call the number back, just get a message that they are trying a new location. I know there is a company from the Bronx with a similar number, which they left a message too, saying the same thing. If these people call you, call the BBB to report it.

Report for 1-4074554671 - 2020-07-01 407
I received a call from this number just now. Answered and was transferred over to "Adam" he was offering a free wireless home security system. ( I knew better than to trust this guy) when I said i did not want it, he hung up.

Report for 1-3143845165 - 2020-07-01 314
Scam call saying they are Social Security and SSN have criminal activity on your person and SSC is suspending SSN

Report for 1-5035423380 - 2020-07-01 503
Just received a call from this number. I do have a student loan but I know for a fact that this person was calling about my loan. She did not leave her name, but she knew my name because I have received that message from this so called "Linda Lee." I do not know how these people work but they are very annoying.

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