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Report for 1-2097962229 - 2020-10-22 209
I received several calls from this number, finally my husband answered. He answered with we are not interested, told him we are on the "do not call" list and to remove us and all this crap that we got from them. They continue to call and we have not answered.

Report for 1-4022389839 - 2020-10-22 402
Called my home number looking for someone with different last name then me.. I'm on the do not call list. Tried to find this individual and couldn't. It's clearly a scam.

Report for 1-5416832503 - 2020-10-22 541
Don't call this number again..

Report for 1-4122532949 - 2020-10-22 412
I just received phone call from 212 212 2031 claiming I owe money to Cash Advance Inc. They said I had to pay them money,or I will have a warrant issued,when I said I did not have the money they say,then I will get court papers today and ask to pay money or I will get the warrant out for me. They said they will arrest me tomorrow if I do not pay $800 or if no payment is agreed upon. Well,I have not gotten any court papers,just now. So,I said,what is all this and again they said they will come to my work and arrest me. I said fine come on ,i am tired of getting this phone call and I want to get something out of you. They said go ahead come get me.What a pain in the you know what.

Report for 1-4349840300 - 2020-10-22 434
they just call and no one there

Report for 1-3512624725 - 2020-10-22 351
Calls every day on my cell. When we answer it hangs up.

Report for 1-3178160111 - 2020-10-22 317
Robo call to tell me I had been charged for services I don't know...

Report for 1-8125757681 - 2020-10-22 812
Just called my unlisted cell and rang once.

Report for 1-5414311694 - 2020-10-22 541
Received a Call from 206-823-3360 but left a call back number to contact Michelle. Total garbage.

Report for 1-6782822411 - 2020-10-22 678
Did not recognize number so have block number.

Report for 1-5856476040 - 2020-10-22 585
got called twice in one evening from a different number but this is the call back number on our voicemails. I know for a fact we do not have any account with Cash Advance. They need to go to jail or else. They need to be stopped!

Report for 1-2026062015 - 2020-10-22 202
Called, no message

Report for 1-8432163469 - 2020-10-22 843
I didn't

Report for 1-2163986172 - 2020-10-22 216
Called my work also. Threatening to call the local government.

Report for 1-2087779394 - 2020-10-22 208
They keep calling me with a new number every day. i think that they should be prosecuted for harassment.

Report for 1-5102095422 - 2020-10-22 510
called today. no message. blocked

Report for 1-2512503403 - 2020-10-22 251
Got a call from this number - they left a 3 second voicemail of no sound - called it back and no answer. Spam call, block this number.

Report for 1-4232265542 - 2020-10-22 423
Same thing. Message claiming to be the IRS.

Report for 1-9088873594 - 2020-10-22 908
No message, blocked.

Report for 1-8122986300 - 2020-10-22 812
No answer I do not know this number and don't know any one in the 605 area

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