Report for 1-2147467262 - 2019-03-29 214
Same here.

Report for 1-2144460010 - 2019-03-27 214
I got a call from them today and they said they are looking for a person who worked in my office. I told them that person does not work here and to stop calling this number. They told me that the person will be sorry and that I should send them a picture of their home and I am not sure whether it's real or not. It could be a picture of a man or a female. I hung up and they have been ignoring me since.. <

Report for 1-2142073155 - 2019-03-24 214
Caller ID said "Suspected spam." Blocked

Report for 1-2148170330 - 2019-03-11 214
The caller's name was David (I've heard that before. I called back and got a voicemail that said, " Thank you for calling the Fund Raising Center. We're sorry we missed you and will try to connect you. If you need assistance with a donation, please leave a note at the end of your call". It was a nice robot voice. I'll just keep calling back and leaving the notes in those voicemails. It's a waste of my time, but it's a start.

Report for 1-2143904667 - 2019-03-08 214
Called my cell phone. No message

Report for 1-2143430004 - 2019-02-28 214
Called and hung up twice. Blocked.

Report for 1-2144460010 - 2019-02-28 214
No message left

Report for 1-2142564183 - 2019-02-20 214
I know this is a scam because I have no debts to collect

Report for 1-2148170759 - 2019-02-14 214
Another call from this number.

Report for 1-2143069175 - 2019-02-09 214
I did receive a call from this # at 9:23am. I did not answer & no vm was left. I am also on a do not call list. If another call comes in again it will be reported.

Report for 1-2149200808 - 2019-01-27 214
Just received call from this number . I do not answer unknown numbers. But am afraid for my mother in law who lives in Washington state.

Report for 1-2149229830 - 2019-01-24 214
The company has multiple locations. It is a marketing company (one of many). They do business loans and other business loans/investments. My callers received loans on credit cards they did not ask for. They were paid back in full by companies who did not call them to begin with. The scammers may operate on the off-chance that you will do business with them and give them money first. After all, who else would they use to do business? Just some people who got smart.

Report for 1-2149970304 - 2019-01-19 214
A person using a local number called my brother's number with a "claim" number and said something wasn't clear when he answered the phone. They did not tell him they called him first. When he called the number back and left a message he started to tell him they were looking for him and he was being investigated because of a debt with someone else. They don't even know his name and they kept interrupting him as well. I hope the [***] they are put out of business.

Report for 1-2147483640 - 2019-01-12 214
I got a text about a girl I met on Tinder. When I replied and said I don't know her, I got no reply.

Report for 1-2143904667 - 2019-01-10 214
Same as others, recording says my Social Security number would be frozen if I don't call this number. Press 1 to speak with a representative now.

Report for 1-2145565664 - 2019-01-06 214
called cell - answered the call and after saying "hello" they hung up

Report for 1-2143069175 - 2019-01-04 214
Call from an unknown number and left no message. <

Report for 1-2142564183 - 2019-01-04 214
Someone has called me twice within the past two days from this number. When I called the number back there was no answer - just an endless recording of people laughing in the background.

Report for 1-2142073155 - 2018-12-30 214
I got a call telling that my home and my assets will be seized. They gave a case number and then a name saying it's with IRS, they gave no identification as to who they were calling on behalf of other than my name. The person then told me all they could do is wish me a good luck

Report for 1-2149200808 - 2018-12-27 214
Just got one today. Caller ID read "Out of Area" and they hung up.

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