Report for 1-2153456198 - 2019-07-03 215
Same exact message as everyone is stating. I called the # back and it rang and rang and then had a fast busy signal.

Report for 1-2153775105 - 2019-07-02 215
I received a call from this number several times. I also get calls from 312-312-3223 which I have no idea why. I do not have any idea HOW these people got my number and WHY they are calling me! Why can't something be done about these annoying phone calls?!

Report for 1-2153775105 - 2019-07-01 215
Caller hung up after 3 rings!

Report for 1-2159475894 - 2019-06-19 215
My parents got a call from this number and they were rude and would not

Report for 1-2153024700 - 2019-06-12 215
called at 5:34 PM and left a blank message.

Report for 1-2153026289 - 2019-06-05 215
I just called and said hello and a gentleman answered, and I just listened and he hung up on me, please be aware of this number.

Report for 1-2152047428 - 2019-06-04 215
Caller said he was representing Bank of America.

Report for 1-2158616400 - 2019-05-28 215
Called, left no message

Report for 1-2152090100 - 2019-05-16 215
Just received text message, from Visa.

Report for 1-2154785393 - 2019-05-15 215

Report for 1-2153456198 - 2019-05-14 215
A recorded message saying the call is from the American Heart Association - no message left.

Report for 1-2153775105 - 2019-05-13 215
This # has been calling our home for well over a messages ever left...a real pain!

Report for 1-2159475894 - 2019-05-11 215
Same here they left a message said they were from a lawyers office to called back at the number they called me from 866-852-8287

Report for 1-2159475894 - 2019-05-07 215
Called three times in a row but left no voicemail

Report for 1-2154785393 - 2019-04-29 215
A call was left. I don't know anyone in Chicago, did not answer as I don't know anyone there. No message left

Report for 1-2153729578 - 2019-04-13 215
I also received a call from this same #, they left a message.

Report for 1-2157091211 - 2019-04-13 215
Called left no message. I have an iPhone so it must be a phishing call.

Report for 1-2153775107 - 2019-04-11 215
Got a call from this number this morning. No voice mail left.

Report for 1-2157091211 - 2019-04-09 215
Have recieved multiple calls from this number. Last week said it was a bank calling for a debt. Today stated it was a medical provider. They're all scammers. Just don't answer.

Report for 1-2158732200 - 2019-04-08 215
I got a call as well today. Didn't answer and left no message. I just got a text from this number saying something along the lines of: Your card has been charged $79.95 for a subscription. You can call us to cancel your subscription at 866-812-0767.I don't have any kind of such subscription,

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