Report for 1-3058200124 - 2019-11-03 305
Just got this same call and I do not know the country that I am calling and I am telling you the number is from India

Report for 1-3055158991 - 2019-10-23 305
Scam scam scam

Report for 1-3056890000 - 2019-10-23 305
Call and hangup - so I called back and got a weird robotic voice.

Report for 1-3054328899 - 2019-10-10 305
Same here... I have no idea what's happening with this.

Report for 1-3052606093 - 2019-10-10 305
Received a call from a woman who said she is from WINDSTREAM and that the office was closed down and to call their "fraud division" at 301-245-3246 and to not disregard this call or she would come to my office. I called and they could not give me any information. I checked with my accountant - no problems at all with anything - and was told to report the call (which is totally UNWANTED!!) to the local police.

Report for 1-3055330602 - 2019-10-06 305
Same thing! Robo voice recording saying IRS was filing a case against you and you'd better call that number to make this process go away.

Report for 1-3055158553 - 2019-10-05 305
These idiots call every evening around 7:45, I answered once, and the lady on the other line said I've pressed 2 to be removed from the list, but they continue to call. I had to unplug my answering machine so they can't actually leave a message, but after reading these post, i know this is the worst of all of their calls, as this is my business line, which they never call and I get 4x as

Report for 1-3055030154 - 2019-10-05 305
Robocall. Just hang up.

Report for 1-3057188292 - 2019-10-04 305
Calls every time it rings & only rings once

Report for 1-3055030154 - 2019-10-02 305
No one was on the line

Report for 1-3052304461 - 2019-09-24 305
This is the fourth number from Verizon that I've had to block for these types of calls...all at the same time.

Report for 1-3052606093 - 2019-09-23 305
Scammers.. They just call and hang up with I know its legal for them to do so..

Report for 1-3055158553 - 2019-09-18 305
Well, they did call me by name, I guess. I don't think they've used that before though. If you don't already have a mortgage and a home, you probably haven't even owned one for a bit. You might consider a loan or refi, to get your finances back under control. Never, ever, ever do you give a stranger your home address. If I were you and you were applying for a home mortgage I'd go look at your address - you don't have a mortgage. Also the loan they referred to probably goes to people who did not borrow money over the internet.

Report for 1-3055033549 - 2019-09-12 305
Same deal here, they will come to my job or home to try and get a hold of me,

Report for 1-3055330602 - 2019-08-31 305
I just had the same call

Report for 1-3054710321 - 2019-08-18 305
i received a call from this number and the guy said i would get a 10,000 dallors from the U.S. federal reserves. he knew my name and address. i did not give this person this number that was on the caller id. then he transferred me to a mr. robert walter. he said i had gotten a grant that I would never have to pay back. he told me he was going to show me how to get these grants in cash. he had a heavy india accent and told me that my grant was no longer cash but would be in form of a green or green and daniel gold or money pak. that i had paid my taxes on time. and that i would keep the dallors for my personal belongings that I could use for a loan application. i was stupid and gave him money number and address for future reference, and he told me that my loan would be deposited in my account. of course, i never got a loan for my personal belongings. he said it was because of taxes i had not paid on my 2012 taxes.i called my accountant and they told me it was a scam. and that I shouldnt ever give them this number again any of my personal banking info. so i called my bank, filed a report against this number with

Report for 1-3055030154 - 2019-08-16 305
Robocall scam, claiming that my auto warranty expired.

Report for 1-3055033524 - 2019-08-15 305
Credit card scam

Report for 1-3059536585 - 2019-08-10 305
Calls 4 to 5 times a day. Just a hang up. Never leaves a voicemail.

Report for 1-3055030154 - 2019-07-29 305
They called my business line. Caller ID said "United States" left no message!

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