Report for 1-3056890000 - 2018-01-03 305
Call came to my cell phone. Only family members have my cell number. Didn't answer. Looked up the number: Scammers. Didn't leave a message.

Report for 1-3055961960 - 2017-12-31 305
Called my cell and didn't leave a message. Cid said out of area and I'm in the 323 area code. Since this is a local call, I call it back from my work landline and the dialer is silent.

Report for 1-3055634944 - 2017-12-31 305
No voice mail.

Report for 1-3058422130 - 2017-12-24 305
Called my landline on 11/03/2018 and CID displayed AUBRES CA 925-328-2589 and no VM was left. Since no VM was left, the call wasn't important. I assume it was a robo call and they didn't leave any message.Caller Unknown

Report for 1-3055330602 - 2017-12-22 305
Called here no message

Report for 1-3055030154 - 2017-12-14 305
This must be a new one. Just got a call and no message. Also, I'm also on the National Do Not Call list.

Report for 1-3055158991 - 2017-12-10 305
Called left no message ... spammer

Report for 1-3052304461 - 2017-11-26 305
Scammer, block number please!

Report for 1-3052304461 - 2017-11-17 305
Same as everybody else. Block that number.

Report for 1-3059075124 - 2017-11-16 305
They left no message, when I tried to return call, there was no answer.

Report for 1-3056757836 - 2017-11-12 305
Same as above

Report for 1-3055158991 - 2017-11-01 305
I've never heard of this group and I keep telling them, but they just keep calling. I am also on the do not call registry and this has called 3 times in the past three days.

Report for 1-3056890000 - 2017-10-27 305
Got a call from this number at about 1:40 PM today. Came up as "Wireless", didn't pick up, and no message left. I'm in a Chicago area code with two other numbers from IL, area code is 312, and I'm on the Eastern Time Zone. I'm blocking the entire 312 area code now.

Report for 1-3055033524 - 2017-10-22 305
He told me I had to have two forms of Id, my name, a checkbook and a pen because he was from the IRS calling about taxes that I owed. I know I don't owe anything and just checking to see if its legitimate

Report for 1-3055158991 - 2017-10-16 305
It is a fraud. They are trying to collect on student loans that are in default. I got a call from this number about two weeks ago and then I talked with someone from another company. She also told me that if I don't pay them that I have to go to the bank a give them money for something that they were not suppose to tell me about.

Report for 1-3059536585 - 2017-10-15 305
called no voicemail

Report for 1-3059264205 - 2017-10-12 305
Received 2 calls from this number today, no message left. Blocking the number!

Report for 1-3059536585 - 2017-10-11 305
So I called back to the phone number 855 669 3111.

Report for 1-3059075124 - 2017-10-08 305
Same thing here! I am looking into

Report for 1-3059536585 - 2017-10-05 305
Have had several calls from this number but no message left

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