Report for 1-3105981765 - 2020-02-28 310
Screw these people

Report for 1-3109297751 - 2020-02-25 310
Just called...unknown number so I don't answer...the message they left said something about the IRS and my pending legal action and to call 202-657-4578 immediately

Report for 1-3107425846 - 2020-02-19 310
I am a little annoyed that this number appears at the top of my phone bill

Report for 1-3103419735 - 2020-02-11 310
Same here - IRS Scam. I didn't answer the call but it is clearly a scam. I would NEVER answer the phone unless I know the number I'll call as a friend or family member will. If the IRS needs to contact someone that is going to be contacted it will be through certified letter sent to them via the USPS if necessary. I blocked it from my phone so it doesn't ring it instantly.

Report for 1-3107927100 - 2020-02-08 310
It appears to be a spoofed, telemarketed number for a credit card reduction scam. Be wary of this caller and don't give any personal information.

Report for 1-3103598462 - 2020-02-08 310
They call every night and wake me up! How do these azzholes live with themselves?

Report for 1-3107394627 - 2020-02-06 310
Called my phone three times within a half hour...

Report for 1-3107767263 - 2020-02-01 310
Called once, then again. I have never picked up and never will. I get these scam calls all the time from various numbers that include this one in each listing.

Report for 1-3107425846 - 2020-01-12 310
They call me from 904-228-0191 & 904-228-0201....this should be reported to the Attorney Generals Office in my state.

Report for 1-3105041984 - 2020-01-03 310
Yes I got the same call. I was told that I would be picked up and if I didn't want that happening I needed to pay $500.00 or they where going to get a warrant for my arrest. The man speaking had a very heavy accent. No where did I get

Report for 1-3100400046 - 2020-01-03 310
I received the same call. This is definitely a scam.

Report for 1-3108901095 - 2019-12-31 310
It appears you are having your own issues with the !!! They have called my home multiple times over a long period of time. The most I have called them back in is today 11 March 2018 from a computer. They are not a person nor they are a recorded and the message is just a noise then the end. I am on a no-call list and would suggest others do the same. I have a feeling the no call list you are complaining about is not as in force anymore. I guess they changed the rules and now you can call as you like. They did give my phone a few days back to not call if you have already spoken to customer and you did not have someone on the line with you for any reason. I would suggest to not call back until you speak to someone or wait until the call is answered.

Report for 1-3103673499 - 2019-12-31 310
No message. Shows as from Washington, DC.

Report for 1-3106973583 - 2019-12-16 310
Called, left no message.

Report for 1-3109902921 - 2019-12-15 310
Called my cell, didn't answer because I didn't know the number. They left a VM saying "the reason for this phone call is to inform you that your car warranty will be expiring soon - blah blah blah. I do not and never have owned a car.

Report for 1-3108784666 - 2019-12-10 310
Called me several times today. I answered once. No one said

Report for 1-3104699129 - 2019-12-05 310
The same thing happened to me. It was from a payday loan from 2008. But then the lady got mad and said she was sending the police to my place, called back and left a message, because I am not paying anyone that owes me anything. I have never even received payday money. I am going to find this lady and put her in jail.

Report for 1-3103419735 - 2019-12-04 310
I received a text message from this number saying "this is a message for the person who is not this person. You have a new chat verification code. Please reply if you are this person. We are open M-F 7

Report for 1-3105041984 - 2019-12-04 310
Got some phone call from this number on 11/20 11/17 11/18 .

Report for 1-3107427578 - 2019-12-04 310
I got the same phone call from 877-301-5454 today, but was told to call 667-201-0607 which is a number for a collection agency. They wanted me to call 877-964-7489, not to mention they did not have a caller ID and only left a brief message to call.

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