Report for 1-3123127213 - 2018-09-29 312
No message left

Report for 1-3129294752 - 2018-09-18 312
Call to a cellphone, not answered. Have been trying for several days. I am a senior and do not appreciate these kind of calls.

Report for 1-3127266700 - 2018-09-14 312
My mother who is 83 received a call from this number on her cell phone. They left no message and were very rude when she called them back from my cell phone. She hung up on the [***]! When they called my cell phone they hung up the phone before asking for her. When I called the number it rang and rang and rang. After waiting a long time my number finally went to voicemail. The person could have asked her where they were from so she could report them. I will be blocking the number.

Report for 1-3124509404 - 2018-09-14 312
Received a call from an unfamiliar number and area code. I'm in Boston, so this was picked up after seeing the number.There was a lot of talking in the background, then after a short silence they hung up.

Report for 1-3124076930 - 2018-09-04 312
Same as what is reported above

Report for 1-3123755560 - 2018-08-28 312
got a call from this number. i didn't answer. called back. it went to a voice mail. said it was a travel related call.

Report for 1-3124509404 - 2018-08-22 312
Did not leave message and my caller ID said "Scam Likely".

Report for 1-3122125673 - 2018-08-14 312
I have received three calls today. No message. My call blocker is full.

Report for 1-3125297046 - 2018-08-02 312
I've had several calls from this number. No one is ever on the end of the line.

Report for 1-3128232963 - 2018-07-26 312
Do not call my cell phone number again.

Report for 1-3125297046 - 2018-07-24 312
Called but didn't speak.

Report for 1-3123127196 - 2018-07-24 312
Yes I am getting the same calls and today is my first day I'm going to the Sheriff's office to file a complaint about it. They're asking if someone else knows my last name and how old I am. They don't state who is calling. They are stating that it's for a claim that is being filed against me from a payday loan that I took in November 2014 and didn't pay and that if I want to resolve this I'll have to get in touch with them or my attorney. It sounds like they're threatening legal action if the amount isn't paid within 24 hours. I didn't take out a payday loan and if I did I'd have paid it and been done with it.

Report for 1-3126674781 - 2018-07-21 312
I got this call last night and at dinner time today. No message. Why not leave a message if it is that important! They have been calling multiple times every day. I called them and was told to "press 1 to remove my phone from their list" then the line went dead. Obviously, spam, scam or phishing effort.

Report for 1-3127266700 - 2018-07-02 312
Same here, "Karen Smits" called looking for my ex-husband, she used his name in the voicemail, but he hasn't lived with me for 10+ years. How can we find out who these people are that scammed us out of the $?

Report for 1-3125239176 - 2018-06-24 312
Didn't answer...didn

Report for 1-3122364090 - 2018-06-12 312
Same as others - student loan call

Report for 1-3126674781 - 2018-06-11 312
I keep getting this call as well asking for my boss and when I ask who is calling they hang up. I have tried to call back but after 3 times of getting a busy tone. I am thinking it could be a spoof number.

Report for 1-3128232963 - 2018-06-06 312
Threatens to shut off my SS# due to suspicious activity if I don't get back to them.

Report for 1-3128232963 - 2018-06-05 312
A few seconds ago they called and left a voicemail regarding a pending law suit. I called back and "John" said the company name was Westwood Mediation. He had me on speaker phone next to him and said he would make a recommendation on who I am willing to work with. The thing is, I do not know who I am talking to. So it seems like a scam to me. I asked for a fax number or address to verify where he was calling from and he never gave it to me. I don't even know how these people get their work phone numbers. It's weird.

Report for 1-3124509404 - 2018-06-04 312
This number called but left no answer.

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