Report for 1-3238071375 - 2018-05-24 323
If any of you are wondering why I am telling you this, so you know it isn't a scam I could be lying I am just tired of getting calls. I don't answer them and if I do get them it is always those Indian guys speaking broken English. When they call I don't even even try to tell them to stop calling. I just continue to ignore them. I even put the numbers in my phone as "no answer" and they don't even ring.

Report for 1-3238444355 - 2018-05-21 323
I received the same message and just block it.... these people need to get a life!!

Report for 1-3233473880 - 2018-05-21 323
called from this number... I called it back.. said you all are now blocked.. what [***]

Report for 1-3234415175 - 2018-05-20 323
got a call from this number also stating I had a check loan from 2011...never lived in the state again...the guys name was Mr.Sterling.

Report for 1-3236180032 - 2018-05-20 323
The number is the same as above. I've gotten the call before. When I tried to answer , a recording came on to say the number you have dialed is unavailable. I would like to know also how the number works and what it is about. Anyone help??

Report for 1-3238252158 - 2018-05-15 323
called my cell, left no message, blocked

Report for 1-3235214432 - 2018-05-13 323
Scammers are calling about solar. Block them.

Report for 1-3233473880 - 2018-05-11 323
Called left no message

Report for 1-3233183923 - 2018-05-07 323
Just received a call. No message left.

Report for 1-3237441082 - 2018-05-07 323
Recorded message saying there was a court order going to be processed and I need to respond or warrants will be issued.

Report for 1-3239397729 - 2018-05-07 323
Just called, left no message...

Report for 1-3233161137 - 2018-05-06 323
Same for me, they call my cell and the number is listed as private. They are a scam!!!! I am calling my attorney general office tomorrow!

Report for 1-3233161137 - 2018-05-02 323
Scam. Block!

Report for 1-3236988752 - 2018-04-27 323
Got a recorded call saying that if you do not call them back, there could be federal warrant out for your arrest.

Report for 1-3233477765 - 2018-04-27 323
Just got a call and no message left.

Report for 1-3234066274 - 2018-04-22 323
I received an unsolicited phone call from 1-866-746-8914 and spoke to a representative who wanted all of my personal identifying information before she would release any of my information to her client. When I refused to give it, the rep said she could just email the information to me. When I said I couldn't do that, she said that it would just result in more calls. I asked her what type of company she was with and she said they weren't a business but instead a consumer

Report for 1-3235102661 - 2018-04-18 323
Didn't leave a message. I don't know any one in Maryland, either. Now blocked.

Report for 1-3232778537 - 2018-04-08 323
Calls and calls and calls. No one speaks when I do pick up.

Report for 1-3239924165 - 2018-04-05 323
Robo call - "Hello this is the warranty department for your Chevy Cruze we sent you a final notice in the mail regarding the warranty on your Chevy Cruze and you are eligible for up to $1000.00 when you are ready to talk to a representative, please press 3 to be placed on our do not call list. "

Report for 1-3238071375 - 2018-04-03 323
They call multiple times a day. They have never left a message, but call multiple times every day of the week.

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