Report for 1-3235459226 - 2020-02-12 323
They said my ss number would be suspended due to suspicious activity and to call them back as soon as possible. I didn't return their call.

Report for 1-3235034140 - 2020-02-11 323
I just got a call from this number as well. What idiots.

Report for 1-3234066274 - 2020-02-09 323
Received at 12:27pm, no message

Report for 1-3236180032 - 2020-02-08 323
Called my cell, I answered and the man on the other end said he was calling for police officer's fund. I hung up. There were other calls that came to my cellphone during past few weeks with similar numbers.

Report for 1-3239924165 - 2020-02-06 323
It's a collection agency

Report for 1-3234733242 - 2020-02-05 323
Yeah - just got a call from this number - didn't answer either - both are apparently spoofed numbers used to call numbers.

Report for 1-3236180032 - 2020-01-30 323
This number called me yesterday morning. I did not answer and they did not leave message.

Report for 1-3238928065 - 2020-01-30 323
Caller left no message. Scam caller

Report for 1-3234415175 - 2020-01-29 323
Scam!! Claims to be government grant

Report for 1-3238718855 - 2020-01-29 323
Received a voice mail message from a female with heavy Indian accent that said to call back "legal charges against my name." Not once did she state what the charges were or whom she was calling for. Then I received a call from my sister's ex-husband's ex-mother-in-law's son. He was told by the man that I

Report for 1-3238609917 - 2020-01-26 323
Scam scum. I reported it to the FBI. They should get a letter from me as well. No one should fall for this.

Report for 1-3237433650 - 2020-01-19 323
This is a spam call! Said I owed the government money and the IRS and had my name but never asked for a specific person, always asks if it is me. I hung up and blocked the number!!!

Report for 1-3232518194 - 2020-01-18 323
Caller claimed

Report for 1-3232518194 - 2020-01-17 323
Scam about calling them about technical issues with my computer.

Report for 1-3234733242 - 2020-01-17 323
Called 12/21/18 to my cell phone.

Report for 1-3233473880 - 2020-01-13 323
They call every day, I pick up, no one there, they hang up. I call back and no one answers.I'm filing a complaint with the federal trade commission.

Report for 1-3238071375 - 2020-01-10 323
This is a scam. Blocked the number. Do not even answer it if you are not familiar with the number. They'll just sell your number to the other scammers out there.

Report for 1-3234860024 - 2020-01-09 323
They have been calling all this week from a local number and a few times a day. They have a different call back number every time. This is a scam and I'm still reporting them to the do not call register.

Report for 1-3233704131 - 2019-12-31 323
These people have called me 3 times from two different numbers, but the same message left for me to return the call because of charges against me. I called a third time and a man with a heavy accent told me that I owed a lot of money and that they are going to serve me and take me to court. I asked for proof of the debt and he wouldn't send anything. How do I make it stop? What

Report for 1-3232748955 - 2019-12-14 323
Received a call from the number 1-206 331 9643 saying I qualify for a 9K grant from the government grant office. They didn't ask any personal info or anything of course. Told them I wasnt interested but the guy got mad and said he was not. Then I get home and he had the nerve to ask if I wanted his autographing printed all over my t-shirts. I told him NO! I told him to stop calling my home and that if anyone was interested then they can have the printer come on their plane and take it up to my airport (or at least my house)!!!! Then he hung up the phone lol...LOL

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