Report for 1-3607398748 - 2017-10-13 360
Just got this scammer! "This is the last attempt to collect a debt. If you are not the person you are looking for, press 9 to be connected to a representative."

Report for 1-3605157846 - 2017-10-01 360
Called and left no message. Called a couple times back to back

Report for 1-3606374945 - 2017-09-25 360
SCAM ... a recording saying my card had been locked due to suspicious activity, press 1 for customer service rep and I hung up

Report for 1-3604743258 - 2017-09-25 360
called and left no message. I won't answer a call that I don't know who it is.

Report for 1-3602031040 - 2017-09-23 360
Just received a call from this number on my cell. They did not leave a message of course. Caller ID says "San Antonio, TX" - I do not know anyone in that town - so I do block the caller.

Report for 1-3602363953 - 2017-09-01 360
Just one of the many scams robo calls, no message.

Report for 1-3607824279 - 2017-08-19 360
Called my cell twice today. My cell doesn't ring and I don't answer numbers I don't know.

Report for 1-3605157846 - 2017-08-18 360
This guy is saying he's from the US Treasury and I have been approved for a loan and he needs me to verify my full name, address, year of birth. Very nasty.

Report for 1-3607823100 - 2017-08-10 360
Just got a call from "Ashley with Home Security. Not impressed by that first response as "Ashley with Home Security". I kept going on and on. I guess I got tired of her and told her I was going to report her to the attorney general. So glad I did. We need to put them out of business!

Report for 1-3607823100 - 2017-08-10 360

Report for 1-3603187358 - 2017-08-03 360
Same caller ID as others, but different numbers. I block area codes like this as calls from "unknown" or "unavailable" just get blocked right on the spot.

Report for 1-3605416663 - 2017-08-02 360
No messages and no CIDs. Most likely a bot.

Report for 1-3602989548 - 2017-07-24 360
Called cell twice today, no message.

Report for 1-3603187358 - 2017-07-21 360
Spam calls

Report for 1-3600414400 - 2017-07-20 360
Called the number back, the message is for "The Doctors Group". They are a legitimate company, but they are a telemarketer, and they will be reported.

Report for 1-3602006820 - 2017-07-12 360
I got a call from this number saying some of the same stuff you guys mentioned below. I just got this phone number a year ago. I've never been to the IRS in my life. This is the only thing I can think of, I don't know why I'm getting phone calls?

Report for 1-3604743258 - 2017-07-10 360
Recording stated to call back ssa or legal actions will be taken

Report for 1-3607398748 - 2017-07-02 360
Called me twice, left no message. It is one of many calls from this area code and prefix - just ignore.I have gotten these kinds of calls before and it is a scam. They have a list of numbers that is used for scamming and they want you to give them some personal/financial info. If you let them know you have no credit cards, bank accounts, etc., then you are just confirming that this is a scam. If you answer these kinds of calls, hang up and block the number.

Report for 1-3606476828 - 2017-06-29 360
I received this "FINAL PACKAGE" in the mail and was told I was going to be served a court summons in the next 48 hours. The guy I spoke with had a very heavy accent and was very hard to understand. The address he gave was 1245 E. 11650 SW, Phoenix AZ 85251. He said he was serving a court order for fraud and for a payday loan that was not paid.

Report for 1-3607398748 - 2017-06-27 360
They call me everyday and leave a no message.

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