Report for 1-3602031041 - 2019-12-16 360

Report for 1-3603187358 - 2019-12-10 360
Just keep calling scammer I am sure you know how to make a living so you will go away soon

Report for 1-3606476828 - 2019-12-10 360
This number has called me 4 times today. How can I make them stop.I am on the do not call list.

Report for 1-3602363953 - 2019-12-05 360
the call I got today was from someone named Daniel Anderson from David's Finance and Associates....and for me it was the same thing to tell me he was going to submit the paperwork for my case to the courthouse...

Report for 1-3603187358 - 2019-11-30 360
I answered because this number rang twice and then they hung up.

Report for 1-3602277543 - 2019-11-27 360
Received call. Did not answer.

Report for 1-3602030024 - 2019-10-25 360
They left an automated message - "Hello, may I talk to the lady of the house?" I hung up.

Report for 1-3602031041 - 2019-10-21 360
Same caller using the name Robert Jordan. Called my cell and hung up.

Report for 1-3603187358 - 2019-10-20 360
I get a call from this number and when I answer hang up.

Report for 1-3603187358 - 2019-10-18 360
I just got the call saying someone had filed a federal fraud case against me. I call back from a different phone and it's the same message.

Report for 1-3605416663 - 2019-10-12 360
They left a voice mail of an automated recording.

Report for 1-3604744990 - 2019-10-06 360
They've called me everyday for the last 3 or 4 days. They say the same thing to me (about a case filed against me, etc), and they even leave messages that go to voicemail - even though they don't mention my name or anyone else's name. I don't care who these people are, I've had my number for more than ten years, and I'm not the person they're calling for. I just don't talk to these people. I want my number removed - I'll have to go check my mail if they call my place of employment in the future.

Report for 1-3602004323 - 2019-10-06 360
These fools keep calling and not leaving a message. I have filed complaints on every one of the numbers. As of this morning I am filing complaints on every one of the numbers on the Do Not Call website. At this point they are in the wrong hand and must be running out of ways to get a hold of you! I think they got my information from a pay day loan company which was a bad payday. I paid them off and cancelled that loan. Please do not answer any of these calls, if you do, just let them go to voice mail. If they leave any message, file a complaint and delete it. They will stop calling if a message is left. If you answer and they continue to keep calling, get a call blocking device or phone. It works and the only thing is they will just call you from another number. Hope this was helpful. I know this is my only recourse.

Report for 1-3604743258 - 2019-09-25 360
Automated voice message indicating that the IRS is filing a lawsuit against me and to call them back. Not calling back.

Report for 1-3606871456 - 2019-09-19 360
No voice mail. Just hung up.

Report for 1-3606792763 - 2019-09-15 360
No voicemail left.

Report for 1-3604743258 - 2019-09-10 360
This is NOT Comcast. It is a scam. They say, "This is a recorded line." I say, "I'm sorry, I just want the phone number you want to register to be disconnected." He says, "Oh, okay." Then, I hang up on him. I wonder if anybody has actually had problems with someone actually calling from this number??? Oh, I forgot, if he calls back, I can make him pay by being an evil telemarketer - I'm already going to go to great lengths and still have not had an issue with Comcast. By the way, Comcast will not ever call you from this number, and if they are actually, I mean actually, calling from this number, then do tell them you

Report for 1-3602277543 - 2019-08-28 360
Another LA, Ca caller. No answer from me. I am getting so tired of these scammers.

Report for 1-3604502122 - 2019-08-24 360
Received this call from (502) 213-1489 on my Google Voice phone number and I didn't answer. No message left.

Report for 1-3603784646 - 2019-08-23 360
Received a call from a restricted number as a message to call 866-213-4046, was instructed to call 866-213-4573 to have my file given out to a lawyer, call it quick because the "file will not be delivered to the courts and it is now your legal right to settle before a judgement". Scam scam scam but the fun begins when you try to contact the company named, or the lawyer's name.

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