Report for 1-4045196201 - 2019-04-20 404
Received a call from the same area code and prefix (314) 226-0987. Didn't answer and they left no message. The caller ID displayed the phone number 214-638-6514, just like "Lone_N" mentioned.

Report for 1-4043829635 - 2019-04-13 404
Received a call from this number today. I let the call go to answer machine and they hung up. Caller ID said only Los Angeles, CA.

Report for 1-4044588231 - 2019-04-10 404
I keep getting it too. I don't answer and they don't leave a message.

Report for 1-4049943363 - 2019-04-09 404
Answered but no one would speak.

Report for 1-4047238335 - 2019-04-05 404
They claim to be student loan forgiveness (unintelligible) for the government,

Report for 1-4047855589 - 2019-04-02 404
just received a call, they hung up and let go to voicemail.

Report for 1-4048507023 - 2019-04-01 404
callerid says Chicago IL no message left. blocked.

Report for 1-4045196201 - 2019-03-26 404
Same here.

Report for 1-4044005390 - 2019-03-02 404
Caller Id showed Bexar Co. Left no message. Blocked them.

Report for 1-4044926041 - 2019-02-21 404
Just another of the dozens of numbers these "bozo's" use. I NEVER answer ANY calls unless you leave a voicemail. I don't like receiving calls from scammers, but I've been doing it for years. I'll just block the numbers and move forward.

Report for 1-4042200891 - 2019-02-17 404
Robo call "Holly from the loan department" offering assistance. Call us back to get information on debt relief. Scammer.

Report for 1-4049943363 - 2019-02-07 404
i just called them and told them not to call anymore!

Report for 1-4044001193 - 2019-01-24 404
Same msg as everybody else, first thing I thought was that I know it's a scam and the second thought was that I may have a new one that's going around.

Report for 1-4047238335 - 2019-01-23 404
Calls everyday and leaves two or three messages per day. Blocked, can't take many calls. This is quite annoying. Who is this calling??

Report for 1-4043323180 - 2019-01-22 404
Caller ID says "unknown name" but they leave a message about a business opportunity. This is an advertising business opportunity. It doesn't say who they are.

Report for 1-4045921161 - 2019-01-08 404
Same message for me they are trying to scare me to pay them money for something that I have no clue I asked then for them to send me some information about what it is about and have me explain it to them and he was like that isn't going to work. It is a scam.

Report for 1-4043829635 - 2019-01-01 404
Called my mobile, I didn't answer it. Didn't leave a message.

Report for 1-4047855589 - 2018-12-26 404
Received same call today-7/2/2018

Report for 1-4045921161 - 2018-12-25 404
They are using the word "County" in the recording. I just got a call today and I'm from WA. I work in NC. I called them back and they said it was a "Time Warner Cable" call and wanted to update my account info. I don't have an account with them and don't ever plan to. They wanted me to give them information so they could "upgrade my service" for an upgrade fee. Do not give them information. DO NOT GIVE THEM ANY INFORMATION!

Report for 1-4043998993 - 2018-12-24 404
Another scammer calling. They keep on changing their Caller ID to be different but somehow this is the same one...

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