Report for 1-4073080026 - 2020-06-19 407
Just called, didn't answer.

Report for 1-4074554671 - 2020-05-31 407
Same here, called, no message, I do not answer if not in my contacts

Report for 1-4076875441 - 2020-05-29 407
Called 2 times a day for weeks. Says to press 9 to be added to do not call list. I do the dnc thing and they still call everyday from different numbers.

Report for 1-4075430006 - 2020-05-28 407
keep getting calls from this number and they leave no messages. I tried to call it back from a landline and it says it's out of order. Very annoying.

Report for 1-4077811195 - 2020-05-21 407
Unknown number, no message. Blocking now.

Report for 1-4074340431 - 2020-04-30 407
Received a robo call from this number. It sounded like the name was just a few letters too short. The call seemed to say that I had a tax matter to resolve but it was very difficult to understand. No mention of any kind of reference number. A total scam. I will not be calling this number back.

Report for 1-4078422010 - 2020-04-20 407
I was a college student in the early 1980s and was receiving phone calls each morning from the 1-800 telephone number which called me over 6 times a day. I did not pick up and they left messages each time, and would sometimes call several times in a day. I was unable to get rid of the telephone calls, and finally called my college's phone service and they offered me the telephone number 1-800-234-4163. The service was excellent, and the calls were disconnected. In 1988-89, I had my telephone disconnected and I paid $1 each time I picked it up. I was given a new telephone number and telephone number blocks to deal with the harassing phone calls. Since then, they have called at 5 days a week, several times or more a day from the same telephone number. I am trying to find the company, and am asking how long it will take me to get it disconnected.

Report for 1-4079539528 - 2020-04-12 407
My friend received a call from this number on her cell phone this morning. We live on the west coast, so I answered. The caller on the other side said, Hello, hello [my friend's name] whoa!! Then hung up. My friend, like many people has no longer a phone number or any idea who these people are. These are scammers!

Report for 1-4072754048 - 2020-04-01 407
They called me yesterday and threatened to come to my job. They just now called my office and left a message. I know that this is illegal.

Report for 1-4079331423 - 2020-03-24 407
Just call my work phone. I did call "Rita" back and gave the phone to my wife when she answered. She was trying to get me to "confirm" my social security number. She told me that a "debt relief service" was trying to collect the debt. I tried to say that I knew who "Rita" was and that I would be happy to give her a call and let her know that she was trying to collect a debt against me and she hung up on me. I called back "Rita" told her that a "debt relief service" that I had heard about had called to my office and not left any msg. I said that I knew that they had called and not left any msg. She said that that was not possible as I could not leave the call for anyone but the person that was called.

Report for 1-4075640838 - 2020-03-21 407
They keep calling and hanging up,I called back and put my number on their DO NOT CALL list.

Report for 1-4078422010 - 2020-03-07 407
Received a call from this number this afternoon and they didn't leave a message.

Report for 1-4077811195 - 2020-03-05 407
No voicemail. Just called my cell.

Report for 1-4078950880 - 2020-03-02 407
Rec'd a call from this number this morning and didn't answer. Glad I didn't. Thanks for the info.

Report for 1-4074554671 - 2020-02-23 407
Called. Left no message.

Report for 1-4076475996 - 2020-02-21 407
Got call from this number at 7 pm left message stating name was kelly from cash advance but i need to call them back at this number to collect loan

Report for 1-4075640838 - 2020-02-20 407
Calling daily. No message. When I get the chance to answer, I simply press the speaker button then hang up, then go back to my game. Obviously if you want to sell me something, you'll need to leave a message! I'm on the Do Not Call List, too.

Report for 1-4076875441 - 2020-02-17 407
Caller ID read: "San Joaquin Valley Cutter". These folks are no longer using a name but rather a number: 866-267-6060. I've been receiving a plethora of robocalls from "Apple Support". I block every one and one comes in from yet another spoofed number. This one. I still have almost no patience for this nonsense.

Report for 1-4077811195 - 2020-02-14 407
I keep getting calls for someone that I am not from. When I told them that they asked if I was the person they were looking for and I said no.They said they would take my number off. They called my cell phone and didn't leave a name.

Report for 1-4074237628 - 2020-02-13 407
this number just called me on my cell. they asked for my husband. they said they were trying to get in touch with him concerning a debt to check into cash or cash net checking that was sent to a collection agency in his name. the agency was going to serve me with papers after I called them and gave them his address. they said they are trying to find out if the debt was from check in cash or from an agency that they tried reaching a debt in a debt collection. they would not tell me anything. this is a scam to get your contact information. it was a foreigner who called my husband's name. i am so sick of this all of these other calls we have been getting. i am not giving them a single dime. the last time i got a call from this number it was over 8 p.m. the other number is 904-636-1701 it is all hours of the day even at 8:45 p.m. they have called me from several different numbers that come up unknown name and unknown on the caller ID like this number said. please do not give them any personal information they are trying to scam you.

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