Report for 1-4844342342 - 2019-12-04 484
They have called numerous times and I keep telling them I have reported them to the police and have not gotten a call back on any of them, I don't have a debt and have been a victim of ID theft..I know they have lots of business and make thousands and millions every week with people that don't understand and maybe a month or two down the line..they are not the reason I am still here ..but, I was a victim, the crooks are working overtime to steal money..don't take my word....the FTC needs to catch this scam company...They have a lot of power because they use robo dialers with other peoples' numbers....I am a victim of ID theft and I just reported my story to the FTC, I think I will just keep reporting them to the FTC again. They have a lot of money in the system to harass is not right..I don't have anything outstanding so no way.

Report for 1-4848409100 - 2019-11-23 484
These people called me from this number in the evening saying that I has a check fraud and there was a payday loan with an overdraft. I had my banking account closed and I have 2 checking and a block from cash net. I have no idea what they are talking about.

Report for 1-4846614823 - 2019-11-02 484
I just had a missed call from this number...I called back and it was busy...then, I googled the number & found this site...thank you all...

Report for 1-4842563829 - 2019-10-25 484
Same here. Same name, same threats, different numbers. Couple things, I was called a week and a half after I moved in so they have been calling me for weeks. Also, my name isn't anywhere close to what they called, so maybe not everyone is who they say they are. I'm blocking them as I get them. If you want to mess with them, the local police can put a stop to them from calling and leaving threatening messages.

Report for 1-4848513562 - 2019-09-23 484
They called me, I called them back, no answer, no message

Report for 1-4842091333 - 2019-09-05 484
Just received a call with no message on my home voip line, caller id said "unknown".

Report for 1-4849189948 - 2019-09-03 484
they called left no message so I called back and had a pre-recorded message that said to press 1 to be connected to a person which I did not press anything and then I received a voice message that said " you will need to update your information on how to proceed after pressing 1" then it hung up on me.

Report for 1-4842222701 - 2019-08-17 484
I have received numerous robo calls for the past 4 or 5 months. As stated above, this is a scam! The callers also list different names associated with the phone numbers they have been using. This includes an actual real person (in the voice mail), and many calls were made to my place of residence, as my caller ID showed they were coming from over seas. They also used the common IRS name and they are supposedly going to take whatever action, that I have no right to take

Report for 1-4848513562 - 2019-08-08 484
Called around 5:30 am. Saw the number on caller ID, left no vm.

Report for 1-4849189948 - 2019-07-10 484
Just got a call from them. I pressed 1 because I do not want to be charged for anything. I asked the guy what device he was talking about and he said that he was going to have his technicians come out and clean my machine because I have a problem with it. I'm sure it is a scam, but why not come out and clean us all up too? I told him that I did not believe a word he had to say and I asked him to please put me ON the do not call list. He kept talking over me and then hung up.

Report for 1-4848915628 - 2019-06-18 484
I have just been through the entire scam, they said I has a $7k grant from the US Gov't and that I don't have to pay it back but they would need payment to get this money I gave them a debit card # they took all my info and then they said they can not send me any money after that day or person they will call me and harras me and call my family all day long

Report for 1-4844342342 - 2019-06-14 484
no message, blocked

Report for 1-4844360406 - 2019-06-07 484
This number called 3 times in the space of 5.5 hours last evening. Left no message, and I didn't pickup.

Report for 1-4848409100 - 2019-06-06 484
Just called, I didn't answer- blocked

Report for 1-4842563829 - 2019-05-31 484
This phone # called my cell phone today - it is a Florida number. I don't even live in FL - I don't answer calls I don't know, and if you don't leave a phone number you won't call back. I'll be reporting. They did not leave a message.

Report for 1-4844360406 - 2019-05-13 484
I kept saying hello like a young boy, and nothing

Report for 1-4844360406 - 2019-05-05 484
I got that same call from the same number this morning. Apparently it's a recording that is too eager to get your credit card info. If you press 3, then you do get a human on the line. I tried pressing 1 to be removed from the call list but, it hung up on me.

Report for 1-4849990499 - 2019-03-07 484
calls and hangs up. leaves no message.

Report for 1-4843980126 - 2019-02-24 484
I just got a call from them and I answered. Some guy says "Congratulations on winning a prize, and then i could hear people in the back telling people to press 2 to be taken off of their call lists, but to not give them any info. I hung up and reported them on the do not call list website.

Report for 1-4842222701 - 2019-02-22 484
Just got a call from this number. Didn't answer and they didn't leave a message. Blocked.

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