Report for 1-5164637085 - 2018-10-20 516
Received several phone calls from this number. When I answered the phone on the fourth try and they wanted information about a person that no longer owns this phone number. I told them not to call again.

Report for 1-5163820708 - 2018-10-14 516
This number has been calling me for 3 days. They have called 5x in the last hour with no message. I am on the no call list.

Report for 1-5168582012 - 2018-10-13 516
Scam from fake agency.

Report for 1-5163368408 - 2018-10-03 516
This company calls a few times daily. In our case there was none. Today I called the number and the man asked my name. He then told me his company was calling about a personal business transaction. I asked if I would give my number and he said no but that he wanted the number to stop calling. I replied that it wasn't me he was calling and again he told me he was sorry. I asked again, if this was a personal transaction, and he said yes, that he was calling on behalf of a business. I asked for the name and he asked me my name again. I asked again for the name of the company and he then responded by asking if I was still there... and I told him I was. He replied with, you can tell me, I can tell you my name. I asked who he was and why he called me, he replied again, "Oh [***] I hung up." I called again and again. They said nothing, not even a dial tone. I called about six times. After about 10 attempts I got in and got the same person the same person, and I said I would take down a letter in case I had to do anything to stop harassing calls. The guy said " I'm not harassing you... I called the phone number you gave me. I do not have my own company... Just wanted to help you. He told me to take down his phone number and file a complaint. Then he said this phone doesn't exist and hung up on me and I hung up.

Report for 1-5163364056 - 2018-10-01 516
Got a voicemail from this number and the voicemail was just silence and then a hang up. No background noise on my end either.

Report for 1-5168720593 - 2018-09-28 516
This is a scam as I don't respond to any phone calls I didn't initiate and especially ones asking for money. If you are going to serve me with a summons then you should already know my address where to find and serve it.

Report for 1-5160004963 - 2018-09-23 516
I have been getting these calls for some time, I just ignore them. I've tried calling back and it does not go through. This morning they called at 7am and my husband answered. They asked to speak to me and my husband said that I was not available. After yelling at her and telling her that I wasn't available the call was dropped. I called back and it was a woman that answered, I had to ask several times for a company name. She

Report for 1-5162081205 - 2018-09-13 516
they did not leave a message

Report for 1-5164637085 - 2018-08-26 516
I have the same exact problem. How is this? Is any one found out if it really from AT&T? I dont have ATT

Report for 1-5163364056 - 2018-08-14 516
Called at 6:10am; did not leave message. Call was reported to the phone company but I suspect it is a scammer from other comments that they don't leave a message.

Report for 1-5164637085 - 2018-08-02 516
Called around 10 am on June 5. Called them back and it says "thank you for calling back, all of our agents are currently busy." I called twice and got no answer after two rings, and just got a busy signal.

Report for 1-5169322695 - 2018-07-24 516
Received a call from this number 2:15 pm. Caller ID showed: "Toll Free Call" . Answered it, no one on the other end of the phone.

Report for 1-5163368254 - 2018-07-12 516
My call was also on Wednesday, Sept. 22. They did not leave a message,

Report for 1-5167793333 - 2018-07-03 516
They continue to call my parents number asking for me. I am a minor so I know that they are looking for me which is a little upsety.

Report for 1-5163649290 - 2018-06-21 516
Caller ID said "TEXAS." They did not leave a message.

Report for 1-5163364056 - 2018-06-10 516
Got a call just now on my home phone. No idea who it is, however, I do have family and friends in that area code, so I did not answer. Thanks for these reviews that helped me understand what is going on.

Report for 1-5162677300 - 2018-05-19 516
Called at lunch time. Didn't answer; no message or voicemail.

Report for 1-5167331822 - 2018-05-15 516
they say its a debt collector with credit card services

Report for 1-5167331822 - 2018-05-13 516
Robot to tell me I have credit card debt and want to collect it.

Report for 1-5163770996 - 2018-05-07 516
Called them back and no answers they hang up

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