Report for 1-5163770996 - 2018-04-22 516
Called and did not leave a message. Obviously not important.

Report for 1-5162624326 - 2018-04-12 516
called my cellphone. left no VM.

Report for 1-5168720593 - 2018-03-29 516
Said was Social Security number

Report for 1-5169322695 - 2018-03-18 516
Called my cell, left no msg

Report for 1-5167793333 - 2018-03-16 516
This is what i received in my voice mail: "This message is solely intended for xxx Xxxxxx. I received an order in the office today to complete. I will be out to see you tomorrow in the. I will make one final attempt to make contact with you or your attorney. My case number is xxxxxxx. We are now scheduled to go over the witness I'll make one withdrawal from your account. If I do not hear back from you or your attorney or we are unable to work this out. You can contact our board member at xxxxxx or you may also reach me at 888-813-1207. Good luck. Thanks."I haven't received anything in the mail other than a phone call (which I won't answer) and they don't say who they are or what it's for but I blocked the phone number. There hasn't been any other calls from these people on my phone.

Report for 1-5163364056 - 2018-03-15 516
Called and hung up

Report for 1-5162677300 - 2018-03-01 516
I got a threatening message saying they were looking for me to serve papers, and they were from the process and summons division, and that i needed two forms of id. they had my home address and my employer. They said that i need to call back within 24 hours otherwise i will

Report for 1-5163368408 - 2018-02-12 516
Call and no message....called number back.....recording says to leave your number for me to pull up your account. How do they do that and when did you get blocked from calls?

Report for 1-5160004963 - 2018-02-10 516
I just recieved a call from them on my cell phone. I did not answer. I get tons of telemarketing on my cell and from new Mexico lately.

Report for 1-5169322695 - 2018-02-10 516
Got a call from this number on my cell phone. The caller ID said, "TEXAS CALL," which is really bizarre considering this is in Houston, TX.

Report for 1-5163820708 - 2018-02-10 516
Called left no message

Report for 1-5162081205 - 2018-01-22 516
"Dear Mr. ______,As you are aware, you have been selected to receive a free $100 gift certificate redeemable at numerous locations including Walgreens, CVS, K Mart, Walmart, and many more.. You will receive up to 3 coupons of your choice and all you need to claim your voucher is to supply your name, address, and phone number with the coupon code and when you receive it, go to your nearest Wal-Mart and claim your free $100 gift voucher NOW!To redeem your free $100 gift certificates and redeem online enter the promo code (844) 201-3554 or (844) 219-7080

Report for 1-5167331822 - 2018-01-14 516
Received phone call from same number claiming to be IRS and told to call that number...not calling it back and seeing if anybody else has been called or if they still work with the same agents with this phone number or any other.

Report for 1-5165792000 - 2018-01-14 516
Received a call from someone claiming to be Apple support, stating my icloud had been compromised. When I tried to look up Apple support they stated the person they were looking for (not me) is no longer associated with my phone number.

Report for 1-5163649290 - 2018-01-13 516
It's from a telemarketer and I think that I'm supposed to be getting rid of these spam calls by pressing 9. They call all the time and I answer and then they hang up on me! I've been trying to figure out what I'll do next!

Report for 1-5162081205 - 2017-12-31 516
They called me today. Called back and they got my bill.

Report for 1-5164637085 - 2017-12-04 516
I got a call about a law suit being filed

Report for 1-5163526151 - 2017-11-17 516
Just got a call from these guys, too. I just answered the phone as soon as they asked for me. They were trying to confirm the last few days that I received a mailed order from them (which I had not). I told them I would call them back and they asked when I would. When I said I couldn't give them that information, they just said "okay and hung up."

Report for 1-5164637085 - 2017-11-15 516
Missed call. No message. Blocked.

Report for 1-5160004963 - 2017-10-24 516
Called did not

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