Report for 1-6024938757 - 2020-01-20 602
They have called all day.I don't have a student loan. So why would they call me????!!!I thought I had cancelled my student loan by now?

Report for 1-6027620720 - 2020-01-17 602
Same as everyone else. Wants me to call 1-800-829-3069 back. They will not give me a company name.

Report for 1-6023269513 - 2020-01-03 602
Scam and very annoying

Report for 1-6024181408 - 2019-12-14 602
I believe the same person just called me and left the same message as the above posts. I did not pick up and blocked the number. Thanks for all the postings.

Report for 1-6025371396 - 2019-12-02 602
Received a fax from this person saying that personal information was required to verify a cash advance loan. The fax number given was 800-742-5777. The text reads "You may call the number". I called the number and the fax cut-off after a short pause. I am now in the process of blocking this fax number.

Report for 1-6025156638 - 2019-11-25 602
This number has repeatedly been calling my cellphone and just hanging up.

Report for 1-6029970046 - 2019-11-24 602
Called this number back and it's a company saying they will give you a credit score.. I just hung up.

Report for 1-6022869128 - 2019-11-24 602
Calls from 913-737-1377 do not leave message. Call ID showed "out of area". Looks like another scammer?

Report for 1-6022260877 - 2019-11-19 602
Same as above. Scams.

Report for 1-6022260877 - 2019-11-02 602
I just recieved this text too saying i had a review of my business on amazon. com ,and to let them know how much it is worth. I dont even have a listing on I have no idea how these people even know my information about my website and phone number. I just want to call back and play along with them for fun but I cant

Report for 1-6029035248 - 2019-10-29 602
Called and left voice mail that used my last name and said "please call back"

Report for 1-6022869128 - 2019-10-14 602
Called. CID said

Report for 1-6027620720 - 2019-10-11 602
Robotic voice, stating I have been invited to take a survey. I haven't participated in such a thing. They want you to press 9 to be taken off the list...whatever that means. Hangs up.

Report for 1-6026240560 - 2019-10-08 602
Called my home phone today. Left no message.

Report for 1-6029970046 - 2019-09-30 602
Called the number back using a disposable number blocked. A very automated message states "Press 1 for English 1 press 2 for English 2 press 3 for English 3 press 4 if a rep can be found." I hung up.

Report for 1-6023149613 - 2019-09-27 602
They left two messages on my phone and I can tell from the voicemail they are fake because the first lady that called was talking about a $15 refund to my credit card and the woman that replied to the call that the refund would be to my bank account.

Report for 1-6027087190 - 2019-09-20 602
i just got a call today, the guy said he was calling on behalf of goc and when i said i didnt know what goc was he hung up. i called back and a woman said something and i asked where she was and she wanted info on my mother who didnt live with me. i told she should know if goc was her company because they were suing me over a pay day loan i didnt even have. he said he already knew i had one or at least knew my last 4 to my social security. i said no that they were scamming me he said what they could and hung up. they had all my info and my personal info, and did not tell me who they were or who they were collecting for. they called my husband too which i dont owe for. im trying to figure out how to report all of this to the FBI but i dont know how legit they are when you dont know what kind of money i might owe or owe from what i never heard of the company.

Report for 1-6022241286 - 2019-09-09 602
Same here, this person called me at work and left a message with my supervisor and boss saying they needed more info. The call actually came from 859-913-9061 in St. Louis, MO, however the person said to call back at 302-222-6010. This is a Scam, DO NOT give these people your information.

Report for 1-6029035248 - 2019-08-24 602
Debt collection

Report for 1-6022869128 - 2019-08-10 602
no idea who this was.....

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