Report for 1-6124189572 - 2018-03-22 612
This guy called my work, was asking to speak to me by a first name and then was extremely rude when questioned who he was.He said this was regarding a private matter. I asked about what and he said "I already told you". He proceeded to yell at me because I

Report for 1-6123435574 - 2018-03-16 612
Robocall with a recorded message that says the IRS is preparing a lawsuit against me. Funny thing is, I'm a resident of the United States.

Report for 1-6129205693 - 2018-03-11 612
Called me today - no message left. It's a new number for me so I'm assuming it was not important. When I called back it said "this number or some other number is not available".

Report for 1-6122547883 - 2018-03-04 612
Keep getting calls from this number. No message. I don't pick up my phone when they call.

Report for 1-6122825756 - 2018-03-01 612
Got a message about documents for a person I've never heard of. No business name. I don't plan on calling them back.

Report for 1-6126275371 - 2018-02-27 612
Called, no message.

Report for 1-6128665215 - 2018-02-18 612
Called and no message left.

Report for 1-6121176779 - 2018-02-10 612
i got the same call saying me and my social security id being suspend?! They wanted to charge $299 for cancelling the card but I told them I am going to report to the cops and she hung up...SCAMMERS!

Report for 1-6127116520 - 2018-01-29 612
Caller ID showed it as "Voice".... Something about a "lawsuit" would be filed if i did not call the number and get "legal info". I have NO idea what this is about.... Called before 8am and is now blocked on my cell.

Report for 1-6122380725 - 2018-01-17 612
Called my cell phone; no message. Thanks for the info, all.

Report for 1-6125599152 - 2018-01-14 612
They called my work number and asked for me personally. He would not give a company name but had something to do with credit cards. This man sounded like he was in some kind of Asian call center.

Report for 1-6125599152 - 2017-12-30 612
Just did, no message

Report for 1-6122825756 - 2017-12-18 612
Called and I just let the phone sit on the desk. No message left. I hate the lack of privacy on hold. What is happening? Why won't Trump get his job accomplished, if Obama is trying to make every American miserable every day?

Report for 1-6122547883 - 2017-11-23 612
A few minutes ago, I received a phone call from this number. I did not say "Hello" when I picked on my machine... instead, I simply hung up on the recording.The caller ID just had the phone number plus the phone numbers of "unknown", so I know not to waste my time.

Report for 1-6125599152 - 2017-11-18 612
I don't know anybody in the 909 area code. Don't do business with anyone in that part of the country, so I did not answer. They didn't leave a message. I am blocking them from future calls.

Report for 1-6121176779 - 2017-11-06 612
Calls once a day

Report for 1-6121176779 - 2017-11-03 612
called my cell, did not answer, left no message

Report for 1-6127116520 - 2017-10-30 612
I got the same call....saying they were the tax and crime investigation something from the irs. They left a message and told me to call immediately...

Report for 1-6127357143 - 2017-10-24 612
Received the email, signed by 'David Wright', and saying he was from my mortgage company. Said he'd reviewed my mortgage and that I was being over charged. Wanted our fax #. This is a scam for sure with no info on anything.

Report for 1-6129205693 - 2017-10-21 612
Another one of those "Vietnam Vets" solicitation calls. This time it was "I've been awarded a 5-star life guarantee. Press one for more information". (This is the "donation for the families of Vietnam veterans" pitch - again this year for charity. I pressed one, to find the charity, and she said: "Thank you for your time. Have a nice day." (Click, I hung up on her.) I was actually wondering, because she kept asking for the lady of the household. So now, I know it was not the Viet Nam veterans - unless it was a scam.

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