Report for 1-6143054004 - 2017-10-03 614
They called me while I was at work. Did not leave a message. Another one to block!

Report for 1-6148392389 - 2017-09-26 614
Did not leave message

Report for 1-6142390057 - 2017-09-24 614
A guy said they got my info about a work at home job

Report for 1-6148392389 - 2017-08-28 614
No message. Scammers. Blocked

Report for 1-6147356201 - 2017-08-26 614
I just recieved a call from this number. A woman who said her name was "Diana Moore" left a message saying they had been trying to get in touch with me for a while and that they are going to file charges against me for fraud and a criminal investigation. I'm supposed to call them back at 833-534-0990 by today or legal matters will fall on me. The woman's message was unintelligible. She said she was from the Office of Investigative Services.

Report for 1-6143644744 - 2017-08-19 614
Called me this AM and didn't leave a voicemail. Came here and blocked. This number is getting blocked now by me.

Report for 1-6149751044 - 2017-08-19 614
The name he gave me was Justin.

Report for 1-6149751044 - 2017-08-15 614
Got called, did not answer. No message. Probably another robo call.

Report for 1-6144227001 - 2017-08-01 614
Received voicemail from someone calling themselves "Brian White", saying he needed to speak to me urgently but wanted me to call 866-310-9572, regarding a debt. The number that showed up on the caller ID was 833-777-4242. Total scam but they've tried calling my house before, calling it an "out of" home number and threatening me that they will contact my employer and "get" me if I don't reply right away. I will not reply to their call, they have not provided any proof or info of any sort. If it's important, they can just contact me in the course of business. That's all you get in the mail. You contact the

Report for 1-6143644744 - 2017-07-30 614
Scam, left a voice mail and said they were calling from the IRS and have filed a lawsuit against me, and to call back immediately. Didn't bother.

Report for 1-6143054004 - 2017-07-30 614
These people have called my cell 4 times today. I have them blocked but it still rings a few times.

Report for 1-6142390057 - 2017-07-16 614
I received this call on my cell phone this afternoon but I didn't answer it. Thank you for the info.

Report for 1-6147388889 - 2017-07-14 614
The US authorities would never do this. They would contact you by registered mail if they needed to contact you and they would not need your signature.

Report for 1-6145037629 - 2017-07-13 614
I just called this number and it is a fundraising company called the Florida Association of State Troopers. I have left several messages asking them to stop calling my cell phone. Still getting calls from them almost daily

Report for 1-6149751044 - 2017-07-05 614
Received two calls today from a private no-call number saying they would not make further attempt to contact me and that I should immediately get in touch with the claim office at (631) 228-9012.

Report for 1-6146230147 - 2017-06-19 614
Called at 8:03 pm and CID read UNKNOWN NAME.I'm glad I checked out the number since I did not recognize the number. I block these calls anyways.

Report for 1-6149751044 - 2017-06-11 614
The caller from this phone number, 833-571-8233 , and also 847-220-9818 is stating that they have legal documents and they need to verify some info from me .

Report for 1-6148392389 - 2017-05-28 614
i have been receiving multiple calls a day from this # and never a message.

Report for 1-6149751044 - 2017-05-16 614
called my cell, rang twice, I answered, they hung up.

Report for 1-6146230147 - 2017-05-14 614
Just called my cell phone. Same reference number as the others saying it was Brian Nelson and he was calling in regards to my federal student loan. Same # as others call back 888-302-9876 and to use a reference number and to talk to someone at his desk when calling. Total BS scammers

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