Report for 1-6153869089 - 2018-10-23 615
just called here and the only clue of who they really were was that the caller id showed the # and V. I told him that I was on the no call list and he started screaming at me to take my # off their database

Report for 1-6155250092 - 2018-10-23 615
No message left

Report for 1-6154985559 - 2018-10-04 615
Received same text in response to Craigslist ad.

Report for 1-6153159692 - 2018-10-04 615
Received a phone call from it. It was a recorded voice and the voice sounded like a young teenage girl who sounded innocent-sounding saying "You have been selected to win a cruise"...and something to that effect. The voice was broken up, and I could barely hear the voice. I just ended the call, then came to this website and now reading everyone's complaints about it being some kind of telemarketer.

Report for 1-6155250092 - 2018-10-04 615
Same as above: Texted me "Hello, (first name). How are you doing today?" and then said "Is this your boyfriends phone? Because I've been trying to call you back, sorry I can't right now"

Report for 1-6155458610 - 2018-10-02 615
This number called my landline on 5/29/2018, but did not leave a message. Based on the comments posted I will block this number.

Report for 1-6153869089 - 2018-10-01 615
Called. No message.

Report for 1-6155634001 - 2018-09-18 615
Scammers and spam calling again! I have been on the Do Not Call list for years.. I don't answer the phone. When I do answer the call they will hang up and I won't be able to talk to the

Report for 1-6153159692 - 2018-08-27 615
They call every day and don't leave a message.They have called me at least 50 times.

Report for 1-6152562642 - 2018-08-20 615
Keep telling them to stop calling me. Even after asking that I not be contacted. They call me at 9pm every night.

Report for 1-6152877084 - 2018-08-17 615
I just got the same cal

Report for 1-6153449551 - 2018-08-13 615
Same as others. "Received several calls stating from IRS and I do have an arrest warrant. Then the next voice mail stated they were calling from legal investigation department

Report for 1-6156650579 - 2018-08-13 615
Called and didn't leave a message.

Report for 1-6154985559 - 2018-08-04 615
SCAM alert! No message. Blocked.

Report for 1-6153639800 - 2018-07-29 615
Scam credit card services. They never call at all

Report for 1-6153449551 - 2018-07-19 615
Keeps calling my cell phone - I don't answer & it never leaves a voice message so I don't know what the scam is

Report for 1-6151933510 - 2018-07-15 615
Rang twice but no voicemail.

Report for 1-6155634001 - 2018-06-26 615
It's a call center. Some type of collection company. They said I'd won something a sweepstakes after I answered a survey about the last election and I'm in Seattle....

Report for 1-6153076111 - 2018-06-21 615
Called and left no message. Probably SPAM

Report for 1-6153639800 - 2018-06-16 615
I got the same message at 4:13 am from a message saying Microsoft account expires. It's a SCAM!!!

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