Report for 1-6155737896 - 2018-06-02 615
I did as well today

Report for 1-6155458610 - 2018-05-29 615
Receivied this call on my cell phone. I let it go to voicemail but I was able to hear what they claimed, but the recording was cut off at the beginning before the disconnection?

Report for 1-6155740424 - 2018-05-25 615
Called no message

Report for 1-6153869089 - 2018-05-14 615
Called my cell during dinner, I answered with hello, heard nothing, still silence, so i hung up. Caller id said unavailable. Blocked.

Report for 1-6154985559 - 2018-04-20 615
This number calls multiple times daily, but they don't leave a message. If you answer and demand it identify itself and why it has been calling, they hang up and continue to call. This is some sort of telemarketer. I am on the do not call list and these call are very annoying.

Report for 1-6157934032 - 2018-04-14 615
Said they are process servers and that I have 24 hours to return call.

Report for 1-6151933510 - 2018-04-07 615
Same thing happened to me in the morning. Caller id was 888-408-6296. No message left.

Report for 1-6153076111 - 2018-04-01 615
Called my cell phone.No vm left.

Report for 1-6153076111 - 2018-04-01 615
Call this afternoon and left partial message to return call. I did not return the call

Report for 1-6157944585 - 2018-03-15 615
Call was from the number 011-702-831. A message was left to call 800-531-7371 and to talk to an agent to collect a 0% rate. It states if I had any outstanding balance please call back. I have gotten similar calls from (951)-631-871. Blocking this call as well!

Report for 1-6152545452 - 2018-03-15 615
Did not answer. I'm on DNC

Report for 1-6154985559 - 2018-03-14 615
I received a call from a number (877) 678-9158, and the only person I spoke with yesterday was this guy named Jason Lewis. He had very poor English. He tried saying several things with me and then asked me if I was home. He said my husband asked me for the package because he asked me if I would be home for it and he was in a hurry to deliver. I was very alarmed about this, and I asked him what time this was so as I was home at that time I could have him deliver to a relative. He said, "oh no, I only have a few packages to deliver to your grandma, you need to be here today, it is urgent." He hung up on me. I called back and told him I was not the only one and he said you need to check your caller ID because the package was on its way and I needed to answer three questions and his supervisor would call me back. I hung up. I am afraid this is a debt collector, but I don't know if they have validating of who I am or just trying to be cautious. He gave me his name as Jason Lewis from "Hilton Vacation Club".

Report for 1-6152877084 - 2018-03-12 615
I got the same voice mail and thought to look this thing up in the phone book. I'm not in New York but I have family of NY so I just listened. So when they ask for money to take care of taxes. Well I didn't want that and never give out money anyway. I told her that her scam sounded great. I also told her that the IRS doesn't work

Report for 1-6155458610 - 2018-03-05 615
This message stated: Your domain has been suspended. Please call support toll free at 9124039018 in order to resolve this issue ."

Report for 1-6153708358 - 2018-02-22 615
I have get this number calling me too several times. When I called back it went to voice mail and they didn't leave a message. I was on the phone with the phone company. They have a recording on our phone system for that number

Report for 1-6153269574 - 2018-02-21 615
If this happens in your new car, you'll have to go through an entire forum, reading and then changing car manufacturers.

Report for 1-6153269574 - 2018-02-12 615
Received a call, didn't answer, no VM left. Googled the number, came here, saw the comments below, know it is a telemarketer but don't care.

Report for 1-6155957787 - 2018-02-12 615
They are calling my job and saying there is a case against and when i try to

Report for 1-6151933510 - 2018-02-06 615
I have been getting calls 3-4 times a day from this number. This is a Verizon wireless number and I have no service with Verizon. When I called 1-866-484-4597 they claimed to have no reason to be calling me. When I told that they stated that this was a personal matter. I explained to her that they had the wrong number and to please quit calling.

Report for 1-6153869089 - 2018-01-22 615
I just called Verizon back for a refund, and this is what I got.... So glad they are finally going to investigate this phone number. It was not listed or sent to all of the numbers they are trying to contact. I believe they are just doing a check to make sure the person getting the call still lives there. When they send me a person's phone, it is a private number and I have to go to their person's home. It is an obvious fraud and a scam.

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