Report for 1-7036569948 - 2018-03-14 703
Received call from the same number claiming to be officer Jeff Walker. Same message that it was very important to return the call. No details given of what it's about. I had received a similar call last week but the number changed from the same

Report for 1-7033547331 - 2018-03-03 703
Called a little over an hour ago. No message. Blocked.

Report for 1-7038596009 - 2018-02-28 703
I too received a call from this number. They do not identify themselves, do not use a company name, and do not leave a message. It's obvious that this is an attempt to bypass the no call list.

Report for 1-7038238134 - 2018-02-27 703
Received a call from this number yesterday night. I didn't answer and they didn't leave a message. I called the number back today and got "number you reached is no longer in service".

Report for 1-7036569948 - 2018-02-17 703
i have recieved several calls from "johnathan" with "goldman and associates" or something similar from a 801 area code phone number, and they have contacted atleast ten of my family members and my ex-coworker telling them that they were looking for me. how they do this is beyond me but i want it stopped now. they keep leaving threats on voice mail and i just want this to stop. is there anyway that we can do this? could you please help. thank you.

Report for 1-7033502442 - 2018-02-09 703
Called me 8 times in 5 minutes and left about 20 voicemails. They had all my information but all my accounts are open so they must change their number because i have done some online banking with cash advance which has no pending transactions that I will pay back in a month and if i dont I'm going to jail. <

Report for 1-7032558101 - 2018-02-02 703
Just got a call on my cell saying "Your social security account has been detected with suspicious activity"

Report for 1-7033502442 - 2018-01-29 703
Same thing happened to me. I was asked if I wanted to know if I should have a cleaning estimate. I was told not to use my bank account for this and then they were told that I was being recorded as being involved with a scam. I requested a supervisor and was promptly told that had nothing to do with the request. I informed the person the person was to be contacted as I was filing a complaint and they said that they will do that and hung up. I called back and was told that the number I dialed was no longer in service. No explanation as to why it was, other than the person was out of the company.

Report for 1-7034453181 - 2018-01-22 703
Robo Caller, hung up when I answered.

Report for 1-7035216662 - 2018-01-09 703
They called me and my husband at my home phone and left the same message twice with someone I never know. I

Report for 1-7039687277 - 2017-12-30 703
I didn't answer - left no message. Blocking the number.

Report for 1-7033547331 - 2017-12-25 703
Voicemail was left for my parents, my brother-in-law and my husband stating that I am responsible for the dept. for them stating I am named as a defendant. I need to contact them immediately to resolve this complaint. I called back and spoke to an Angela, I was unable to understand a word she was saying. When I kept

Report for 1-7032558101 - 2017-12-15 703
Keep getting calls from this number. Never leaves messages.

Report for 1-7039687277 - 2017-11-22 703
Same thing just happened to me I am about to call the cops.

Report for 1-7039449605 - 2017-11-21 703
this number has called me several times, sometimes I pick up and then the other time I just say nothing and listen. I say nothing then they just hang up. sometimes they will hang when I am not looking at the caller i.d on my phone. the last four numbers of my phone can't hide who it is...

Report for 1-7036569948 - 2017-11-16 703
Called me yesterday! It was a recording of Michelle telling me how much I've made over my time on Google. I hung up.

Report for 1-7036951305 - 2017-11-10 703
Got a call from them today asking all my info. I did not answer the phone. I let it go to VM as I did not know that #. When they left it, they had left a message but it was a blank message. The funny part was that caller ID showed only: California. If I didn't know it was on my caller id then I don't. Also, I don't answer strange numbers. Never have unless they are in my contact list.

Report for 1-7033368450 - 2017-11-09 703
Got a call on my work phone from this number. A robo call stated that I must call them immediately or I would be served papers. I haven't had a checking account for many years. I think this is a scam. My bank verified the call was from the Federal Government.

Report for 1-7037771880 - 2017-10-18 703
Got 3 calls in 3 hours for someone I do not know and my phone states unknown. I called and they were looking for a person with my first & last name but were wrong. I asked to be removed from the calling list and the guy hung up on me. Called back to let them know I thought they were a scam but the number is not allowed to return calls from. The guy said some really unprofessional crap and hung up on me again.

Report for 1-7033547331 - 2017-10-13 703
I got a call from this number today. Caller ID showed as "Toll Free Call" but the voice mail said it was "Customer Care," but the line was open and not open so I did not know who it was.

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