Report for 1-7736340034 - 2018-09-26 773
Received a call and no msg left.

Report for 1-7732635991 - 2018-09-03 773
Left message on my answering machine about back brace

Report for 1-7735761015 - 2018-08-13 773
Same story. These people are still trying the scam from a new #.

Report for 1-7733218561 - 2018-08-11 773
Recieved a text from the same person (name) said they wanted my full time. Don't know who they are yet. Said to call them at 844-726-9451.

Report for 1-7736340034 - 2018-08-04 773
The caller said, "Hi, this is John Deere from your miles warranty specialist. Do you have the mileage on your tractor and mower available?" I said I had the mileage on neither. Then he asked, "Do you drive a camper?" And I said, "No." He hung up. I suspect they thought I was going to say 'yes'. I would guess they hoped to get me to say 'yes' so that they could record this conversation to use it against me.

Report for 1-7734944746 - 2018-07-29 773
I have received the same call (6/6) 4 times in as many days, and it's only Sunday. They don't stay on the line to ask for the owner. I usually just tell them to put me on the no-call list, but they just hang up. I'm just so fed up with these scammers.

Report for 1-7734944746 - 2018-07-04 773
A man called and asked for a specific person. I told him it was an office and he would have to try a few more times as I was not that person and said please leave a name and number so I could get that person back. He said no! So I hung up. He was then supposed to leave a message and if he did not I would mark it as a violation, etc. This was over a year ago! Now I have been getting calls for that person from 4 different numbers. The last 2 numbers were "unknown" and the number was 1 digit different. I'm still waiting for that individual to call!

Report for 1-7733550427 - 2018-06-14 773
Robocall selling health insurance

Report for 1-7735761015 - 2018-06-11 773
A female left a message on my answering machine that she was with the county clerks office. She said it was a formal complaint filed against me and that it was important and urgent I contact them immediately to prevent further proceedings. She also said to call 855-217-5359. She did not identify who she was with. I checked the county clerks site and was directed to their website. The website is:

Report for 1-7734014664 - 2018-05-11 773
Called and said there was a lawsuit against my social security number and to call 516-276-9234.

Report for 1-7736340034 - 2018-04-19 773
Keeps calling my cell. I don't answer and they never leave a voicemail.

Report for 1-7735761015 - 2018-04-08 773
they have called 3 times already and I've answered the third one. a man asked to speak to me then i hung up since i didn't know who they were or why they were calling when they called first time and now they just keep calling.

Report for 1-7731038186 - 2018-04-01 773
i just got the same thing

Report for 1-7731038186 - 2018-03-18 773
They called in the afternoon. The name pops up on phone as "Private Caller". I didn't bother to answer; they didn't leave a message.

Report for 1-7732635991 - 2018-03-11 773
Call no message left. Blocked caller.

Report for 1-7739079762 - 2018-02-15 773
They call alllll the time and don't leave messages. I've been in contact with a friend, they're telling her they're looking for me and are trying to get in touch with my friends. I'm not sure why they're still in business. I wish the calls would end.

Report for 1-7734014664 - 2018-01-31 773
They call me every day. Don't leave messages.

Report for 1-7734741728 - 2018-01-15 773
Called several times, left message they are filing suit against me? Scam!

Report for 1-7736677588 - 2018-01-14 773
You are such an idiot, I don't even have a Wells Fargo Account, or a bank account so I'm not sure how you even put together that rant. I just got my phone number changed recently. I have been a victim of Identity Theft, and I have been contacted by the State Attorney's office. I didn't just get that phone number from where I just changed my number at the end of May, I had to get all new cell phones and start over with a different one and I have to go thru the same thing with all of my new phones. That's what happens when the system gives out our information. If it was really Wells Fargo and you owed them money, then you would only have to pay the original balance, and they would make the calls when you had already turned the information in or told the people where to talk. And

Report for 1-7734944746 - 2017-11-01 773
I received the same call just 20 minutes ago, but I was on another call at the time. I also received it on my landline while I was on another call.

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