Report for 1-8059878010 - 2019-11-01 805
Did not answer, left no message

Report for 1-8056020373 - 2019-10-13 805
Just got the same message from this number. Said if you want your refund from the company your refund is going to be refunded to you call them or it will expire.

Report for 1-8052198335 - 2019-10-08 805
Just received a voicemail message from Jennifer in which she said she left a message, also a reference number, saying you must speak to us immediately with a reference number and the message repeats over and over.

Report for 1-8055254520 - 2019-09-16 805
Saying my SS # is blacklisted.

Report for 1-8057019285 - 2019-09-14 805
This is a scam, if you ask me.

Report for 1-8059645961 - 2019-09-12 805
Calls multiple times a day. They hang up when I answer. It's annoying.

Report for 1-8057019285 - 2019-08-29 805
Caller ID showed "Carmichael PA." Left msg that my computer is downloading malicious files from overseas and to call them back at 877-228-1568. Yeah, right!

Report for 1-8054974708 - 2019-07-25 805
Thanks, Krystal you are a cutie! I am sure I will catch up with him next time. :-)

Report for 1-8058934195 - 2019-07-07 805
I've receive this call to my cell also and also from another number they will call from the same voice mail and they are talking like someone you could imagine a person like you and their accent is very strong. But they can't speak English right. My heart beat up and then go with this call to FBI and let them know.

Report for 1-8059645961 - 2019-06-30 805
Didnt leave message but called 3 times.

Report for 1-8059878010 - 2019-06-06 805
I did the same with me they are calling my cellphone then my house phone

Report for 1-8059878010 - 2019-05-27 805
The Do Not Call list only applies to telemarketers and is ignored by this type of caller.

Report for 1-8052336967 - 2019-05-25 805
They call over 10 times a day and leave the same message. They must be looking for the last person who had my number before me. When I call back it says it is a disconnected number.

Report for 1-8059878010 - 2019-05-18 805
They call a few different times and leave no message. I just got a call from them too lol, I told them I am going to report them to the government. Lol.

Report for 1-8057019285 - 2019-05-05 805
I am getting calls from this number also.I'm also on an unlisted (illegal) phone number.

Report for 1-8052336967 - 2019-04-20 805
Scam caller. Caller was named "John" and stated he has the documents that were sent to his office so he needed to hear back asap. He gave me this number to call him back at: 800.917.0181. I blocked the number he gave me!

Report for 1-8059645961 - 2019-04-19 805
I have received two calls from this number. The first time I told them I was on the do not call list and to not call me. The next time they called I called the number back and it was a recording to enter "your" phone number "press 1 for the do not call list press 2 for the do not call list". It is a recording on a computer.

Report for 1-8055237256 - 2019-04-05 805
Call came in at 6:18pm but no message left

Report for 1-8059645961 - 2019-04-03 805
I was trying to get them to stop calling but the phone won't let me enter my phone number so I can go into a call control. program and then the same thing happens when I try that as it does when you enter it. This is why I don't want to use my home phone to call them to see if they like it when I can't use there services or whatever. Thanks.

Report for 1-8056020373 - 2019-03-28 805
If you were going to be arrested, and a warrant wasn't issued, the sheriff would serve you with a summons, and not warn you.I was informed about 8 years ago that the IRS would not do this, nor would they call you before they served you a summons.

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