Report for 1-8086825866 - 2018-10-08 808
Have received several calls, at least once a day, from a local number (800) 281-0101, using my name and saying they are calling about a complaint against me. They ask me to call 1-800-281-9182. Have had my phone # for over 20 years and they are calling my number not mine. I have also received calls from local number (415) 792-8820, also from a local area code, telling me to call 1-800-281-9182, they ask me for personal information, but will not say who they are or give me any information.

Report for 1-8082506940 - 2018-08-20 808
Robo call from the "US Treasury Department" that a lawsuit has been filed against me

Report for 1-8082506940 - 2018-08-04 808
I get calls from this number numerous times, it's really annoying cause they either hold the line unattended or ask for a person I dont know. I don't believe this is a collection agency because the person they say their calling for doesn't live here.

Report for 1-8082175329 - 2018-07-30 808
Received this call tonight at 12:40 AM. This is the third time in a week someone has called from the same number. Usually just pick up as nobody is on the line. This has to end.

Report for 1-8089489570 - 2018-07-11 808
I receive phone messages every day and twice today. I called back from a blocked number and got a message that the phone has been disconneted and to call again. It was at 5:15 in the morning. I called just to make sure it was not that important to them and there is no connection other than that. I feel this is a scam.

Report for 1-8086825866 - 2018-06-06 808
Got a call from this # I picked up the phone but no response.

Report for 1-8083927339 - 2018-05-11 808
Same here...

Report for 1-8082506940 - 2018-03-28 808
The last few days there has been many messages left on my machine that say "This message contains important information you need to know before using any apple device, please call us immediately on our toll free number 1-888-315-4916"They have called my landline several times and have not left any messages. I have no Apple gear and refuse to answer these calls.

Report for 1-8083927339 - 2018-02-07 808
I just read thru all of the post and all of they say the same thing. When I say hello they never say anything and you can't call back.

Report for 1-8083927339 - 2018-01-31 808
Received a message at 9am from "Carmella" with the same nonsense as all the above.

Report for 1-8082506940 - 2018-01-26 808
Called, but left no answer on the answer service.I didn't know the number and left no message.It could be spam.

Report for 1-8086825866 - 2017-12-05 808
I have received several emails. I have called and emailed these people. The email says: "Hello,Please do not hesitate to help us out if you will give us some time to do this and then we would really appreciate it if you would get back to us with your rate plan to us. We want to give you the best rate possible so we need something to consider. Please Email or Text the below for our immediate understanding. 1.4% (25)% OFF 2.4% (30)% OFF 3.3% (35)% OFF 4.5% (45)% OFF 5.6% (50)% OFFWith my rate plan we will be doing 1 transfer for each of you. You will be transfering from the other end to the transfer in which you want to transfer. Transfer Details: <Transfer Start Date> <Transfer End Date> <Transfer Start Time> <Transfer End Time> <Transfer Start Date> <Transfer End Date> <Transfer Start Time> <Transfer End Time> <Transfer Start Date> <Transfer End Date> <Transfer Start Date> <Transfer End Date> <Transfer Start Date> <Transfer End Date> <Transfer Start Date> <Transfer End Date> <Transfer Start Date> <Transfer End Date> <Transfer Start Date> <Transfer End Date> <Transfer End Date> <Transfer End Date> This is a service call. If you would like to speak to a live representative right now please press 1. If you would like to hang up press 2. We will be with you at the transfer end soon. We are sorry that we did not reach you sooner so you only have this short time to act now. Please be informed that this is only free transfer to us and the name we are referring to is a residential account. So once you agree to the transfer please remain open on the phone with us and once confirmed you, will be transferred to the transfer agent once you have made contact with our representative. At the end of the transfer we will be including you a flat rate transfer to your chosen option once again this is only for you and this only to be transferred and is not a transfer fee. Good afternoon and welcome to Transfer Services and thank you. This is a service call. If you would like to speak to a live

Report for 1-8089489570 - 2017-11-17 808
Call and rang twice. I googled the # and ended up here.

Report for 1-8086580763 - 2017-11-02 808
just got the same text.....i think its a scam

Report for 1-8082506940 - 2017-10-06 808
Called my landline on 4/10/2018 at 10:16 am and CID displayed SCAM name and number and NO NAME. I don't know anyone with that area code so I let it go to answer machine. No message was left. My phone number is registered on the do not call list. When I called the number back from my caller ID blocked phone line to see who/what it is and what they wanted I got the "your call cannot go through as dialed" message.

Report for 1-8083927339 - 2017-10-02 808

Report for 1-8083689143 - 2017-09-10 808

Report for 1-8086580763 - 2017-09-03 808
i just got this call in the morn and they said they could go to their local police about it. if I didn't they would make a arrest and I would go to jail. isn't there something that can be done about this??

Report for 1-8086825866 - 2017-07-08 808
I've never taken a payday loan, I just called the number back (800) 973-3188. A woman named Amanda told me that I should call this number back to speak to manager in order to have my bank account credited $10,200. The reason for the bank deposit is because of a bad check which I supposedly wrote in 2011.

Report for 1-8082506940 - 2017-06-11 808
Same thing for me, the guy calling said he was Kevin Jones from the DEA, with a thick Indian accent. He is threatening, obnoxious and a total scam artist. DO NOT SEND HIM MONEY. He claims that he is working in India but has an accent from somewhere in the US.

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