Report for 1-8123142304 - 2019-08-18 812
Called, did not leave message. Just a random phone number that did not exist. Sick of these calls!!

Report for 1-8124547451 - 2019-08-17 812
Robo call, I'm in Ohio, so I just blocked them!

Report for 1-8126110537 - 2019-08-15 812
This number called my family and me and called me by my social and personal information so i called to find out what is going on to cancel my social security so they can process it i dont know what to do i asked for a supervisor and they just say bye so i called again they said i owe so much money if it was true they would just take my money not use a fake number and hang up

Report for 1-8126409008 - 2019-08-12 812
They called and left a message at 12:50 today but I have no idea what the message is. We keep getting these kinds of calls in the area code we have friends in, and if we could find out who it is we'd file suit against them for harassment.

Report for 1-8124251613 - 2019-08-11 812
called my cell phone which is on the DO NOT CALL list. No message left.

Report for 1-8126750610 - 2019-08-08 812
Call the number. The guy will answer. He will explain everything to you. When you ask for a supervisor, he will get very aggravated and tell you they know he works at a scam/extortion outfit. The thing about the scumbag extortionists is that they are sooooooooo stupid. First they call you at 8am, then 5am, 10am,&3:30am. The only "illegal" thing they do, is change phone numbers as often as they can. It is, of course, a violation of FDCPA laws to keep calling you after you have been made aware of their unlawful calls, and refusing to send proof of a debt they claim is owed. Tell them you would gladly pay the $ back if they sent you proof that the debt is yours! This will make them even more adamant to prove you don't owe them anything. They will eventually get the message. Don't give them any information at all. You probably also should never provide that much information to the person who calls you from that number. These scumbags are nothing but scam artists. They spoof phone numbers. They are using Voip and it is a phone worm thing. That's why the FCC is powerless. They can't go after them. The only thing that can be done, is to be very careful. Always research first. Be very cautious about giving them any information. It seems as though they get away with anything. Don't let fear scare you. If there is a debt you owe, you should try paying it, without any hesitation.

Report for 1-8122343345 - 2019-08-06 812
Same thing as everyone else - said he was Tom with IRS. When I asked for his agent number that's how he got my number and said I may get arrested. I told him never, I know the IRS does not do that and if I had to die today that I would get it done.

Report for 1-8123297847 - 2019-08-02 812
Got call @7:07 am. No message left. I blocked this number.

Report for 1-8123154323 - 2019-07-25 812
Same number, same scam. Scammers trying to scare you.

Report for 1-8126778720 - 2019-07-25 812
An automated recorded message stated "Please call 888-203-0997 to accept a call about our award of $10k" and then it said "Thank you for calling" but had to stop playing the message before it could continue.I am blocking the number to avoid future calls.

Report for 1-8122759178 - 2019-07-24 812
I just got a call from them (1:30 pm 3/14/16) and the lady on the line asked for me by name and said something about a personal matter. I hung up.

Report for 1-8125963511 - 2019-07-23 812
Received multiple calls and messages from this number, said that it was a local call and that I was to return the call as such he would have a problem in my small town. Not my local town. No reason a local call should have had a problem.

Report for 1-8123093842 - 2019-07-23 812
Called 5-6 times in the last 4 days, no message

Report for 1-8127867494 - 2019-07-20 812
Microsoft computer scam. Blocked

Report for 1-8125716901 - 2019-07-18 812
Called and stated they have a criminal lawsuit against me, and stated that I would be arrested as well. I am also in GA

Report for 1-8124491530 - 2019-07-16 812
Called and left no message.

Report for 1-8122344695 - 2019-07-09 812
Called my cell phone. I didn't answer the call and the number didn't go thru to voice mail.

Report for 1-8127419049 - 2019-07-07 812
Just received the same call but didn't answer it.

Report for 1-8123062791 - 2019-07-07 812
I get calls from this number on my cell every day,

Report for 1-8123723314 - 2019-07-04 812
Caller was very rude and when I asked for contact information he told me he could not supply it and to call the number and talk to a lawyer. Definitely do not answer this call.

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