Report for 1-8124492121 - 2017-09-28 812
Got a call from this number

Report for 1-8129737055 - 2017-09-27 812
Has tried twice in the last 12 hours. Says nothing but hangs up. I want it stopped.

Report for 1-8123092938 - 2017-09-27 812
called me and when I said hello no one was there.

Report for 1-8129226110 - 2017-09-26 812
Caller was John (with a foreign accent) with J&P processing and wanted a call back to 866-410-0459 x.3226. Very unprofessional, trying to trick you into giving out your name and such. It looks like a scam that they will have their own collection agency pull for them. No one should talk with them nor agree to anything, these are the times of our society that these kinds of scams can happen.

Report for 1-8126333571 - 2017-09-26 812
Called in reference to vehicle I recently purchased, they called me a few days ago and called me by name, stated they needed an updated copy and that they were the warranty department for my current dealership. Said warranty was expired, had my name and address, and said the warranty would be cancelled. Gave me a

Report for 1-8126221712 - 2017-09-25 812
Called me 9 times in an hour

Report for 1-8129293376 - 2017-09-24 812
Called and left a message that said nothing but played music for a minute and then hung up.

Report for 1-8123878544 - 2017-09-20 812
called 8:15, didn't leave a message, now blocked

Report for 1-8123269266 - 2017-09-19 812
Call 4-5 times a day. I never answer my cell phone. They keep saying they are from the Department of Health and Human Services and asking for a person we do not know. They keep asking is she there. Is she there. Can I talk to her today. Is she there. I am going to hang up. I am going to call the office now.

Report for 1-8126022565 - 2017-09-19 812
Robocall about Google Listing

Report for 1-8127665013 - 2017-09-19 812
Called and left a voicemail that sounded official by a computer. It was a woman claiming to be from the IRS and asking me to call back. I'm sure they will use the same tactic if I don't call back. There are ways to stop them. I wish there was something we could do!

Report for 1-8125325998 - 2017-09-18 812
The call was from a "reward redemption" scam. They wanted to get your phone number

Report for 1-8127034297 - 2017-09-11 812
called, left no message

Report for 1-8127665013 - 2017-09-09 812
Called, left no message. Probably phishing. Blocked.

Report for 1-8129226110 - 2017-09-07 812
I got call today. From a man with a very strong indian accent, stating he was police association asking if he could put a small Police Officer donation on my credit card if he sent me information in mail. I said I don't give out my information to anyone over the phone, so I asked for the number, so they repeated it and said the same thing, and said then maybe if I gave a donation they could call me in the future but would give me a link so if I wanted to donate would go to a local police assoc., and said if I could call back that number 844-869-8619.

Report for 1-8124044159 - 2017-09-06 812
they call everyday. I don't answer. I just let machine pickup. Anyone who calls without a message is probably a phony, scammer. they don't leave a message because of those scams. Maybe after all the days away from home, these people are

Report for 1-8123325353 - 2017-09-06 812
calls multiple times over days never leaves message. just silence on line when answered.

Report for 1-8123250792 - 2017-09-05 812
They called my cell. I did not answer, and they did not leave a message.

Report for 1-8126002021 - 2017-09-05 812
The number belongs to a website, and the number is not a valid number. I'm going to block it.

Report for 1-8129226110 - 2017-08-31 812
Called twice - left no message.

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