Report for 1-8126333571 - 2019-11-20 812
I receive this call on my cell phone at least twice a day, and I am really getting annoyed with it! I am on the do not call list and my cell # is unlisted. Is there any action to be taken?

Report for 1-8123250792 - 2019-11-19 812
This woman left a voicemail saying the IRS had issued an arrest warrant under my name for fraudulent activity and that I needed to call the number immediately, but never said a name, who or who I need to call back, but to not try a call again.

Report for 1-8126221712 - 2019-11-17 812
Received a message from a woman calling herself "Linda Miller". Says she has an order to conduct an investigation and that failure to comply would result in a summons being served. Said she worked for US Bank. I believe this is a scam.

Report for 1-8123644546 - 2019-11-10 812
Called and left no message, I'm assuming a solicitor. Blocked.

Report for 1-8122692303 - 2019-11-07 812
I received two voice messages today, one from the "irs" and the other with the name of "Michael Johnson with a case file". There is a similar message similar, but not the same phone number...just a few digits. I did not get to the phone, but I blocked the number.

Report for 1-8125953100 - 2019-11-01 812
I keep receiving messages on my landline stating "This is the police department calling - please give us a call at 888-406-6915". I would like it stopped.

Report for 1-8123350303 - 2019-10-31 812
Called this morning with the pre-recorded message about making money... I just hung up

Report for 1-8123037700 - 2019-10-27 812
Called me and did not leave a message. It shows this number coming from El Segundo, called it back and got "Hello and thank you for calling back this call" and then you get on hold after 10 min to talk to a person. They did not identify themselves and didn't identify who they're working for when they called. Just keep asking what company they're with.

Report for 1-8122328403 - 2019-10-26 812
These dumb [***] ask me how do i know what it's about . I ask them why would you ask me that then they try to tell me some [***] [***] [***] and I say go to [***] your self then hang up

Report for 1-8121160170 - 2019-10-23 812
Called my cell and left no message. Blocked this number.

Report for 1-8123878544 - 2019-10-22 812
Joey was the username he texted me today-so obviously someone trying a different number!

Report for 1-8123090646 - 2019-10-19 812
They call repeatedly and my voice mail says this is a business number.

Report for 1-8123644546 - 2019-10-17 812
Called my phone and left a voice mail about the IRS and a lawsuit. This time I am going to report it to the FCC.

Report for 1-8127234567 - 2019-10-15 812
Just called me at this number and was blocked by the android app. Thanks for the tip off, I will block it.

Report for 1-8123320405 - 2019-10-13 812
Called today, 7/22/15, asked for husband, said he was not home then asked to speak to the wife. Would not give me any info. Told them we could not give any, and that they should quit calling. Reported as a scam and blocked and then they called again minutes before from 929-242-1640. They call constantly all day.

Report for 1-8125963205 - 2019-10-11 812
This number was a scam call from a debt collector for a person with a somewhat recent first and last name. They said there has been "allegations" pressed against either the first name or a similar last name. I had a very long phone conversation with this male-sounding "David Smith," with a very thick Indian-accented accent. I am not surprised to learn this person was a fraudulently living in the United States on temporary work permits. I have a suspicion that the first name and/or the last name was not even his, and the company may be "James Johnson Lawfirm," a very dubious name based on the first name's last name, not a law firm of any kind. No company with those initials even exists in this country, though the last four in the last four of his social might have been, or were used to form a company with an office in New Jersey with the initials J.L. Johnson and Associates.

Report for 1-8125963205 - 2019-10-08 812
Scam about google

Report for 1-8122344695 - 2019-10-08 812
A girl was on the phone asking for my boss who passed away 6 yrs ago. I told her he was at work she said she'd try later when I hung up. They called yesterday and I was nice but told her to never call back. I will be reporting the [***] this is ridiculous

Report for 1-8123014339 - 2019-10-08 812
Scam claiming to be IRS agent.

Report for 1-8129563663 - 2019-10-05 812
Got the same exact voice mail!

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