Report for 1-8314314730 - 2019-10-17 831
called at 9:30am didn't leave a message. Blocking!

Report for 1-8313257006 - 2019-09-18 831
Totally agree with them.

Report for 1-8312959042 - 2019-09-17 831
Got a call from this number earlier, no message. I'll be glad when they call back, I will have some fun with them...

Report for 1-8314314730 - 2019-09-16 831
This telemarketer called and left a message. A man asked for me by name, told them they were calling a residence in California, and then promptly hung up when they discovered my number was actually an unlisted, un-published, and unpublished cell phone number in a town outside of San Francisco Bay Area.

Report for 1-8315227628 - 2019-09-07 831
Got a call from these [***] about my cruise to the bahamas. I won a free trip to the bahamas if i answered their questions. I didnt win anything but their time. I'm at work and i

Report for 1-8313339814 - 2019-08-27 831
Husband answered and they hung up. They did not say anything.

Report for 1-8314178787 - 2019-08-26 831
They called again today. I did not answer. I did do the same as the past and block the #.

Report for 1-8314178787 - 2019-08-17 831
Called from unknown caller. Left a 7 second voice message on my cell. I listened to the voice message. They claim to be calling in regards to student loans that I need to address? Sounds like a scam.

Report for 1-8314307371 - 2019-08-08 831
Called on a Saturday morning. Automated message saying that there is a pending lawsuit about to filed against my name and SSN. Gave this number to call back. I did. Guy with thick Indian accent said his name was John Smith and I owed $6000 in back taxes. I told him I didn't work and that my SSN and all my assets had been frozen due to an audit. I told him the cops would be at my house before 3pm and he said "OK" which in itself is funny because my property is still here. I told him that if he ever called here again, that the police would be waiting outside for him. He said "Okay" twice, then hung up.

Report for 1-8310234000 - 2019-08-08 831
Scam claiming a warrant is out for my arrest if I don't call back.

Report for 1-8314678930 - 2019-08-03 831
Called but didn't leave a message.

Report for 1-8312611534 - 2019-07-31 831
I started receiving calles from these people after I requested information on some job listings I had applied to. This was from a very reputable agency but I think I had done something wrong by not just contacting them straight up directly. I'm hoping this is some sort of scam but there are alot of different things that happen when people take a job search site/app. My advice to anyone that is looking for a job...don't put in for any employer you've done business with directly because if you don't know who it is first off then you'll get what you want. If they won't let you know their name or information than the more you do business with other employers directly you can assume to be safe.

Report for 1-8310234000 - 2019-07-29 831
Called, no message...

Report for 1-8312530936 - 2019-07-28 831
I got called by this number this morning and they asked for my fiance but had the wrong first name. I let them know this was a business phone and they should not need to call back. Since when do surveys get around the DO NOT CALL LAWS?????

Report for 1-8312959042 - 2019-07-26 831
Called me, didn't bother to leave a message, then blocked, thanks for the heads up

Report for 1-8316252974 - 2019-07-22 831
My business is in the Milwaukee area, we have received numerous calls from this number, I blocked it, they just keep calling back.

Report for 1-8312959042 - 2019-07-15 831
called left no message.

Report for 1-8312959042 - 2019-07-13 831
I just received a recorded call from a gentleman who said he was Officer Martin Wilson from the federal crime and investigation Department of the IRS and was about to file a law suite against me because of something I supposedly done for the IRS. He wanted to know my wife by her maiden name and I said there is no way I am that stupid and he hung up. Beware!

Report for 1-8312959042 - 2019-07-11 831
Just called and they got my daughters number instead of mine. I did call it back and the recording said it's a non working number

Report for 1-8314301716 - 2019-07-10 831
I received the same message

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