Report for 1-8632923923 - 2020-02-28 863
Caller id states: Local Accounting, no message left. Have called 3 (all on Sunday) this morning.

Report for 1-8632470549 - 2020-02-14 863
Called my cell phone 4 times yesterday and once today - and does not leave a message. Called back, number disconnected.

Report for 1-8632950052 - 2020-02-08 863
Same thing here, "Joanie" just called saying I have won a gift-a-way, press 1, etc.. SCAM!!!!!

Report for 1-8632036036 - 2020-02-07 863
I called back got a message saying number was "not in service"

Report for 1-8632250197 - 2020-02-06 863
This number showed I had been called by it too

Report for 1-8636133319 - 2020-02-03 863
Just got a call from this number. I answered and the caller didn't say anything so I hung up.

Report for 1-8630033280 - 2020-01-24 863
Caller ID shows "Out Of Area." Record message left was Health Insurance message.

Report for 1-8635124600 - 2020-01-15 863
Called my land line today, and I've been getting these calls for months. Today's one came in the afternoon. Another one yesterday morning. No voice message has been left. If it's a "real" call, it will show on your caller ID.

Report for 1-8630033280 - 2019-12-08 863
Yes, and when I called the number back, they told me I had gotten a grant from the U.S. Treasury for $50,000. I asked if I applied for a grant of this kind and the man said no and hung up on me.

Report for 1-8632509740 - 2019-12-02 863
The message said they were selling a home security system. Scam!

Report for 1-8634311495 - 2019-11-28 863
They have called me several times stating they had a judgement against me or something. I explained that a personal business matter is not in writing. I asked for a supervisor and they hung up? I called back and a man answered and my number was hung up on as well. How do I get rid of them from calling me? I don't even have a US Bank account

Report for 1-8635294611 - 2019-11-25 863
Called my cell (which is on FTC and State No Call List) at 9:27 am yesterday (March 24). I did not recognize the number and did not answer. The caller left a message but I did not hear who the caller was or what the message was.

Report for 1-8632923923 - 2019-11-22 863
i am going through the same thing at the moment. i got a call from this number on my work phone number. i call it back on my cell phone then a male recording comes on "thanks for your call please leave a message for me, blah blah blah". the message keeps repeating itself over and over since i hit the eject button at mid point and then immediately hit the next number key which deletes the message. i call the number back and get a message that it is a non working number. i think if anyone is getting these messages on their cell phones they are using a spammer program that will call people number and do things to it. so how did they keep getting your cell phone number when you call the number right back? i would like to find out

Report for 1-8635673631 - 2019-11-09 863
Called cell phone, hung up. Number not known to me. Suspect some kind of spam or robocall.

Report for 1-8636133319 - 2019-11-06 863
Same thing happened to me yesterday. They called but nobody was there and call disconnected.

Report for 1-8632620328 - 2019-11-03 863
No voicemail

Report for 1-8632980370 - 2019-11-02 863
They called and asked me if I had $2,600 in credit debt. They asked if I could hear them ok... Then they tried selling me dental insurance through the exchange. When I told them that I'd call them back, she hung up. Just another scammer trying to take advantage of people.

Report for 1-8636237912 - 2019-10-29 863
They called about a claim being made against me and for me to call back their office. SCAMMERS

Report for 1-8632509740 - 2019-10-19 863
I answered, and it was a recorded message that said nothing. If you call that number, you'll get a human on the line, who wants to "give free stuff" for a one time purchase, like a vacation or subscription to a magazine. The recording didn't tell me why they were calling or anything.

Report for 1-8635673631 - 2019-10-14 863

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