Report for 1-9032131112 - 2018-06-10 903
CID "NANPARD CAL". No message left. CID=NANPARD indicates an offshore oil rig, possibly KULUZUCHNIKSH. This is the same scam I have been receiving from other, possibly spoofed CID "NANPARD" numbers. They also call from 323-378-7343, all spoofed (same scam/evil) CID; the phone number is used to disguise the original phone number.

Report for 1-9032278173 - 2018-05-30 903
scammer calls every hour

Report for 1-9031271242 - 2018-05-29 903
They just called me too, but I don't answer if I don't know who it is. There was no message left. Blocking it.

Report for 1-9038307128 - 2018-05-26 903
I just received a call from Michelle Brown 866 260 0163 stating I had to call her about student loans.

Report for 1-9037899885 - 2018-05-23 903
I have received several calls stating they are Apple support. This is a new number on my cell. I blocked one # and they started calling from another one. The message is the same as others listed above.

Report for 1-9032246918 - 2018-05-23 903
I also got a call from this number as well. I didn't answer. They left a message. They said that they had important info about a medical bill in 2007. I have never had any bills in 2007. I called the number back to tell them to remove me from their calling list and it went straight to an automated voicemail. I left my number there and now wondering what they think I am, I hope

Report for 1-9036747938 - 2018-05-21 903
Got a text from "Sarah" @ 903-567-4393 at 7PM (EST). Gave her the number and she admitted that they were her best friend. Said they were just friends and had to use the number because she was from New Jersey and didn't know anyone but her friends. When I asked why they were texting her at 7:00 PM, they said that they didn't have a real number and used there number to text at 4:00 AM. They said they were just friends and wanted to use the number to text back and was really concerned it was an emergency and had no idea what the emergency was.I will be contacting the BBB

Report for 1-9036533006 - 2018-05-18 903
Robo call to my unlisted landline from someone who claims his/her name is "Matt Robinson" with a foreign accent. Blocked.

Report for 1-9035226525 - 2018-05-16 903
I have gotten this call twice. The first time my phone was off so I couldnt even answer. The second time a man answered and said "hello." When I said hello, he hung up. How strange!!

Report for 1-9030092542 - 2018-05-15 903
I have gotten several calls from this number in the past month, not talking. I called back and it says that the number is not in service, so I know I shouldn't call it back, but, I just called again and I got a busy signal. Who has this phone number and how did they get it? I thought it was someone i know not to call again, but whoever has it doesn't care to talk. It calls sometimes three or four times a day. Please someone knows

Report for 1-9031532221 - 2018-05-12 903
I just received the same call. How do you do report these people?

Report for 1-9032935262 - 2018-05-11 903
This number left a message for a relative of mine on my phone - same thing - they did not even leave their phone number. Threatened to contact legal department. This is annoying and unnecessary.

Report for 1-9032633902 - 2018-05-02 903
Just received a call. No message.

Report for 1-9037215701 - 2018-05-01 903
Called my Google Voice number, told me my Social Security Number was used by a criminal & I should call them.

Report for 1-9032633902 - 2018-04-29 903
Just got this call myself. He said this was a warning. I am now looking for some type of way to press charges. I am a 67 year old female and I am the mother of a very ill person. They call me everyday in the morning. They told me I had a loan from 2007 which was a joke. I do not have any outstanding loans. They said they were going to garnish my wages. I told them I am retired now and do not have any outstanding payments. I do not take personal calls. There was a

Report for 1-9037899885 - 2018-04-21 903
A female robot called stating that my Social Security Number had been used in ILLicitation of funds in the amount of $899.49.

Report for 1-9035379661 - 2018-04-20 903
they call multiple times a day saying they need to speak with my boss right away or they will have to call their next of kin..... they have his old name that he hasn't been in 6 years

Report for 1-9037899885 - 2018-04-10 903
This happens everyday, all week. I called my credit union to report it as we are on the national do not call list and they did not have a clue what the call was about as the bank was calling me regarding a card I had closed over 15 years ago (I thought only credit unions were on it, but my bank still sends out notices)

Report for 1-9032278173 - 2018-04-10 903
The number is now on my call block list

Report for 1-9032231701 - 2018-03-30 903
Called. Left no message.

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