Report for 1-9034513846 - 2017-07-22 903
This number keeps calling my work phone but no message.

Report for 1-9036533006 - 2017-07-20 903
Called. No msg.

Report for 1-9036661213 - 2017-07-16 903
Calls daily, leaves a voicemail stating the same as what has been reported in all of the other comments. I blocked this number as it is calling me with some unknown numbers

Report for 1-9031141010 - 2017-07-16 903
I answered, was waiting for someone else to pick up said "hello" and no one said a word. I hung up but if that is not a scam as I suspect, then this was. No message left, they are now on my BLOCKED CALLER list.

Report for 1-9031532221 - 2017-07-10 903
They call everyday about 1x a week. They call and hang up. I don't answer, they don't leave a message.

Report for 1-9035209465 - 2017-07-05 903
Re: Phone No.: 1-347-309-6010.The same story here. They wanted to "reduce my credit card debt"-- which I did NOT have. This was some foreigner on the phone.

Report for 1-9033200293 - 2017-07-05 903
I was called by this number today and when I answered, there was a delay. The caller did not say anything as I had already hung

Report for 1-9033851011 - 2017-07-05 903
I recieved a call from a 715-209-2670. They were informing me of a package and wanted to know what my address was at I told then to send it. He then stated he was sending a letter and notifying me of the package. I then asked for there address, he then stated they had it with them, that they would give the address to the court in which they were requesting my where abouts. I stated if they were that afraid as well as very rude I would not confirm the information they had to me over the phone. I informed the guy he was a scam and not to call again and hang up. I wish we could have the name of this company. They needed to stop this type of activity!

Report for 1-9037899885 - 2017-07-02 903
Calls daily in the evening. Has now given me the number as 2 different.

Report for 1-9033036701 - 2017-06-30 903
It's a spoofed, robo-called number, claiming to be a pay phone number of a pay phone, so do not give it any information! It's not real and they are spoofing their number using the same spoofing technique that other scammers use! Just ignore the calls!

Report for 1-9036901603 - 2017-06-14 903
Just received a call from this number, but I didnt answer. I looked at the ID, and thought that was odd. Glad I didnt answer it again, they didnt leave a message

Report for 1-9032633902 - 2017-06-13 903
same as everybody else...every day at 9:00 a.m. from different numbers but same area message left.

Report for 1-9031271242 - 2017-06-13 903
Same thing, call about student loan repayment, reference number of 070702

Report for 1-9035226525 - 2017-06-08 903
Robo call from a man who claims to be from Microsoft stating that my computer is at risk and I must call them immediately. Call came in at noon EDT but the phone# did not show in the caller ID. The number he claims to call from is 1-866-216-0396. Scammers for sure, wish there was a simpler way to report these crooks. The do not call list does not always work that well,

Report for 1-9031271242 - 2017-06-03 903
So I was thinking that they might get something off of the internet and make it seem like my bank account had been compromised. Thanks to all the comments I just go off and blocked them..

Report for 1-9037904661 - 2017-05-31 903
I also received 2 calls from this number today, left a voicemail once telling me I owe them money and I can get it

Report for 1-9037320955 - 2017-05-31 903
I received a call threatening from this phone number stating they are from the IRS and they have legal action against me and I must call 844-215-7118

Report for 1-9033244571 - 2017-05-29 903
I too received this call. I did not answer, did not answer and I will add it to my call blocker. Thanks for all the help.

Report for 1-9031271242 - 2017-05-22 903
called no message

Report for 1-9035208118 - 2017-05-22 903
I have been getting calls from this number for a few days now. I called them back and they are a collection agency asking for someone with a name that is very close to my brothers name that we do not know. They have left messages but when I try to call them back it just rings. I think it is funny that they have my brothers name but will not tell me his last name or anything. Please be aware of these people, they are trying to do a little something for you!

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