Report for 1-9030935558 - 2019-02-26 903
Caller identified himself as "Adam," and said that he wants to offer my business loan rate to 6 percent... at least that's what he called "Adam" told me he wanted to tell customers...

Report for 1-9032131112 - 2019-02-23 903
I received a few of these calls, they always leave a message. I have no idea who they are, but I don't answer these scammers!

Report for 1-9038307128 - 2019-02-20 903
Same here, a couple of missed calls and no message left. I don't know anyone in texas either so I blocked the number (from caller ID) on my phone. So if this is for Spanish speaking telemarketers, they are nuts.

Report for 1-9032935262 - 2019-02-17 903
This number 202 239 1030 call many times each day. When I did answer this number call the male on the other end hung up on me after saying that I was a "Mr. ****". This company needs to be put a stop to.

Report for 1-9036533006 - 2019-02-15 903
Message states the IRS is going to file a lawsuit in regards to unpaid taxes. Call the number left to resolve the issue. This is a scam. The IRS DOES NOT CALL YOU! They mail out a notification to your address if there is any problems. They also do not threaten you with arrest or swear at you.

Report for 1-9036238901 - 2019-02-15 903
Called while I was at work. No message left.

Report for 1-9037777567 - 2019-02-11 903
Called 4 times today. All on my cell phone. It shows up unavailable <

Report for 1-9035208118 - 2019-02-11 903
My call blocker blocked this #. It is an automated robo call saying "Call us back at this number about your Google Business Listing....."

Report for 1-9037240705 - 2019-02-11 903
Same here, robocall, criminal complaint against me, please contact (in a robotic voice) immediately. That's as far as I let it go. They probably are having trouble getting their scam under control.

Report for 1-9032633902 - 2019-02-10 903
Keep getting calls. They do not leave message when I refuse to answer and call back to see who it is from they say all circuits are busy... I also added my number to the DNC and never got calls again lol. I am really ticked off here with these scammers that steal us and our money they say they are calling about lowering the interest on credit cards. They do not even know my name or credit card company they just try to get you to answer and that is all they can hope for!!!

Report for 1-9037965844 - 2019-02-07 903
He said that it will be delivered Friday morning at 7:15 am or Monday morning at 12:30 pm. If I can call him back at 1-800-828-4646. He left a number and an email of me to contact him at. I looked it up on the internet.

Report for 1-9037904703 - 2019-02-06 903
No message

Report for 1-9037323444 - 2019-02-04 903
called, rang only twice and then hung up

Report for 1-9031781825 - 2019-02-01 903
Called my landline. CID listed the number and "Boston". I picked up before hearing the phone. Caller said, "Hello. Hello." I could hear a lot of background noise like a call center. Asked for me by my first name, which I didn't recognize. The caller then disconnected.

Report for 1-9037904703 - 2019-01-23 903
Said to call the number above with any questions about my U.S. Bank account, then asked to "press 3 for a representative".

Report for 1-9031117004 - 2019-01-23 903
I never answer numbers I don't know, but I finally blocked this number. They're never going to get through.

Report for 1-9031152005 - 2019-01-21 903
Scam caller. Do not answer. Block

Report for 1-9031532221 - 2019-01-20 903
Didn't hear me say hello, but when my greeting started, they hung up. Called them back and there was a message saying: "press two to removed from call list."

Report for 1-9032246918 - 2019-01-15 903
Called at 10:12am-no message

Report for 1-9035208118 - 2019-01-15 903
Called stating it was Tony Martin from legal services in regards to paperwork with a summons to the county office

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