Report for 1-9102255605 - 2019-03-24 910
Calling every day to our Business Cell phone with a recording about being pre-approved for a government Grant.

Report for 1-9103524815 - 2019-03-19 910
Called my cellphone on Labor day, did not leave message. I've blocked the number.

Report for 1-9106433637 - 2019-03-19 910
Called our business. Asked to speak to "John." Hung up as soon as I confirmed it was business.

Report for 1-9104007899 - 2019-03-04 910
Called me two times today and did not leave a message. Blocked number

Report for 1-9103928159 - 2019-03-02 910
A scammer.

Report for 1-9103928159 - 2019-02-22 910
They hang up as soon as you ask them to remove your number!

Report for 1-9107912179 - 2019-02-11 910
I got the same call I just hung up . I am really annoyed with these scams

Report for 1-9104045757 - 2019-01-31 910
Scam, called from 816-748-8061, no idea who called from this number, and left voicemail. Robotic message tells you that your Apple device might of had a virus, and will loose all your information and devices. SCAM

Report for 1-9109732080 - 2019-01-25 910
Same, called 4 times, left 6v voicemails. I called back, they hung up.

Report for 1-9104529215 - 2019-01-19 910
Just got a call from this number. A "formal complaint" with the county courts and paperwork will be filed...

Report for 1-9107655069 - 2019-01-17 910
Called cell, no voicemail.

Report for 1-9105202920 - 2019-01-11 910
Same person calling from 877-735-0078 but using 888-735-0082. When I called to tell them to remove me from their call list, I received a message from my phone that "you have reached a non-working number."

Report for 1-9102393634 - 2019-01-01 910
Message from these people claimed that I owed money to the IRS and that I needed to do so or they would take steps to put the issue on hold.

Report for 1-9105202920 - 2018-12-25 910
Called at 2 am. Spammers.

Report for 1-9101050727 - 2018-11-25 910
Just tried to call them back. It was busy. I just got the number off the net.

Report for 1-9103409091 - 2018-11-07 910
It's a spam caller. They claimed to be a collection agency which I am already in a payment arrangement with. They told me they would be filing a summons at my place of residence or employers. I told them I would be waiting! We'll see, but I definitely wouldn't have an issue with it.

Report for 1-9102393634 - 2018-11-04 910
Caller ID said "CUSTOM RESEARCH." No message left.

Report for 1-9103409091 - 2018-10-28 910
Received a voice on my machine from a male voice saying I won the drawing that I had entered some time in the past 12 to 18 months, and I won a 50,000.00 free grant, and to call (202) 581-9413, so they could tell me how to get that grant money to my bank account, so I could just pay the fees by money order, western union card or western union. I told this idiot that the number is not working, and to call me back the next morning with my grant money and ask me to talk to someone else, then he hung up. Scam, SCAM, SCAM.

Report for 1-9109732080 - 2018-10-12 910
Said something about a legal issue and gave the number twice and said good bye as if he was going to tell me something.

Report for 1-9104045757 - 2018-10-07 910
This number called yesterday and today. No voice mail either. BLOCKED.

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