Report for 1-9152250200 - 2020-03-21 915
I got the same bogus recorded message on my voicemail.I hope people do not fall for this!

Report for 1-9155413000 - 2020-03-12 915
I received the same thing, I am so freakry. Called from a different # then they leave you at a local number in my area, said it was personal matter.

Report for 1-9153594342 - 2020-03-07 915
Rec'v'd phone message stating "Case against" and to call 818-307-7169 back. I called the call went to vm. The voice mail on my phone said "CFS" and they did not leave a call back number.

Report for 1-9154784069 - 2020-02-25 915
Recording about fake IRS lawsuit. Scam

Report for 1-9153359902 - 2020-02-19 915
They're playing a game. They'll keep harassing you until you answer their phone calls. Block them.

Report for 1-9154028477 - 2020-02-19 915
Called from the Sheriff's department and wanted my Social Security Number

Report for 1-9153594342 - 2020-02-13 915
Did no leave a message.

Report for 1-9154976465 - 2020-02-11 915
It is not the IRS

Report for 1-9159301326 - 2020-02-08 915
Got a call from Robert Allen, told to call him or have my lawyer call him about a charge and court paper... This was 2 years ago and he still calls.

Report for 1-9150136279 - 2020-02-08 915
We got a call from this number. Called back the number and got the message we are not a working number. If you go to the FCC website, and you file a complaint, it gives you a number that you need to call just to file a claim. It is very difficult to stop this. I get these messages every day.

Report for 1-9156151215 - 2020-02-07 915
This is a scam. They said it is a pharmacy. He asked if they could send me my prescription meds. I hung up.

Report for 1-9150005011 - 2020-02-07 915
Received robo called. I let call go through to voicemail. They said to call before legal action is taken against me.

Report for 1-9151266006 - 2020-01-28 915
Scam caller.

Report for 1-9153783559 - 2020-01-26 915
This is a scam!!! I received a letter today stating I had opened a new credit card with Pinnacle Financial and I had 2 months to pay $25.00 over the phone. I know I opened this credit card because I called Pinnacle Financial directly and they told me the statement was not opened until Jan. 27th, 2012. I told them if I knew they opened this credit card to send me a copy of the credit card and they said they would but never did. When I called they said I owed $800.00. They said I had to either make a payment of $80.00 or pay $200.00. I knew this was a scam since you cannot receive a balance and if they are to issue a new credit card to you they have to send you a letter showing they have closed the account. Please be aware!!

Report for 1-9150192070 - 2020-01-24 915
Called - left no message

Report for 1-9155805696 - 2020-01-24 915
Got a call from 888-409-4136 but caller is a he,ve left message stating Windows and Apple support will be stopped

Report for 1-9151372200 - 2020-01-24 915
keeps calling my cell phone and leaves no message

Report for 1-9153359902 - 2020-01-18 915
This number says scammer trying to get personal information

Report for 1-9150192070 - 2020-01-01 915
They call and call, they do not leave a message and when I answer they don't want to tell me who are are.

Report for 1-9153397310 - 2019-12-26 915
I called the number from an unregistered work phone, after having a very strange ringing in on it and my phone disconnecting it. It was a recording to help settle student loans.

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