Report for 1-9150170058 - 2019-12-17 915
Just got two calls from this number this week. The caller is a recording stating there is a problem with your Apple Pay account.

Report for 1-9152150151 - 2019-12-14 915
Called and the caller did not leave a message.

Report for 1-9154028477 - 2019-12-13 915
called left no messege

Report for 1-9151593946 - 2019-12-01 915
called my cellphone. I did not answer. I googled the number and found this webpage. I then blocked the number

Report for 1-9152150151 - 2019-11-24 915

Report for 1-9150170058 - 2019-11-22 915
I dont want any more phone call from this number. Please remove my number

Report for 1-9150399033 - 2019-11-21 915
just called me... didn't leave message

Report for 1-9153594342 - 2019-11-10 915
I just received a call from 360.716.1619 saying this is the IRS and I WILL BE SENTENCED UNDER AWAKENING IMMEDIATELY BEWARE

Report for 1-9157371130 - 2019-10-22 915
They have called my phone about 5 times in the past week. My phone is set to hang up on any call from an area code outside my area code. Weird..

Report for 1-9156151215 - 2019-10-21 915
Caller ID said unknown. Left no message, so it's not important.

Report for 1-9153884272 - 2019-10-20 915
Got a call from this number too. Didn't answer. When I called back, it said "please enter your phone number and go to the do not call list". SCAM

Report for 1-9153783559 - 2019-10-09 915
Came across as restricted on caller ID... same as above... called my place of work for someone else. Left no info, and said if they do not hear from my relative they will be forced to make a decision.

Report for 1-9154976465 - 2019-09-20 915
It's a debt scam. It was the name of one of my daughters, she doesn't even go to the same high school because she's 16; they were also supposed to be going to prison and need to see her. Also, if you call back they don't have any information about how to reach you other than a fake name and number to get into your home; very shady. Block this number, even if it was from outside the US; it's a scam. Be careful out there folks!

Report for 1-9157781775 - 2019-09-11 915
Scam call. Sponsered by spoof caller and blocked.

Report for 1-9156151215 - 2019-09-03 915
I don't get it. Why would a caller ID as "Unknown Name" leave a voicemail with a robo voice stating they will arrest me? And when I do actually pick up, they hang up.

Report for 1-9159301326 - 2019-08-26 915
i have gotten this call too. saying my mother was involved in frauds. they asked for an ex of mine. and said my number was involved with some

Report for 1-9154706477 - 2019-08-23 915
Called looking for my ex husband

Report for 1-9156151215 - 2019-08-19 915
I received the exact same call, as

Report for 1-9154706477 - 2019-08-07 915
This # called, I didnt answer, they left a voicemail, it was a recording saying it was a debt collector. The # was a local # in my area

Report for 1-9159301326 - 2019-08-03 915
These people are calling from a computer call center, they do not speak English, or have what other world language they know how to use. The numbers are all from in the US and are probably spoofed by criminals trying to get people to send them money. The IRS and any government office will not call you by phone or electronically or with some weird language as this is a felony and if they don't then you can be sure they are not real.

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