Report for 1-9165534695 - 2020-10-31 916
called my office number 6 times today from 1-800-260-5689. left a message as below. no identification on message just some long number with a name that sounds like a debt collector.

Report for 1-9164908260 - 2020-10-29 916
I've had this number call about 5 times in last hour. My caller ID shows it comes from a cell phone. I have answered to say "hello" more than a couple of times. Only silence. Not going to answer it now. I'll wait to see if they try another time.

Report for 1-9165534695 - 2020-10-12 916
Same here. I didn't answer and no message was left. Now they have been blocked.

Report for 1-9168698405 - 2020-10-07 916
It's a scam trying to get you to switch to ATT.

Report for 1-9166377318 - 2020-09-18 916
Called at 8:00 P.M. today, left no message. I am on do-not-call list, however, as others say, a lot of calls are made on do not call list and still get through. Can't someone report them? I would like to find out who/what is behind the call

Report for 1-9167457867 - 2020-09-15 916
Some kind of credit card company

Report for 1-9165266566 - 2020-09-15 916
You have to know someone who called you and is not local to you to get anything from that person/business. It's the law. They can call you in your area code. If they won't call in your area code, just don't answer the phone. The number isn't really associated with your account. You can report them to the Do Not Call Registry!This caller is a phisher, a scammer who does not care what they get from you.

Report for 1-9166377318 - 2020-08-26 916
Calls cell and hangs up

Report for 1-9168212829 - 2020-07-29 916
this number just called my cell phone with no caller ID. It came up on the caller ID as unknown name and phone number. When I googled it, it was for an ad to sell a warranty. I went ahead an called it back and a robot said that I had a question for them and that I could listen to it

Report for 1-9169380207 - 2020-07-08 916
Just got a call... Didn't answer... No voice-Message...

Report for 1-9161077715 - 2020-07-07 916
Just blocked number as I'm typing this post. Caller ID said SSI. Left no message.

Report for 1-9167363636 - 2020-06-29 916
I have gotten four calls today and I don't answer and they do not leave a message. It doesn't say any one that it's a debt collector and it's obvious they are scammers.

Report for 1-9163622353 - 2020-06-27 916
This number calls you to tell you that legal action is going to be taken, if you do not answer, there are civil proceedings against you, the local cops will be knocking on your door, not to mention your credit rating will increase.

Report for 1-9168212829 - 2020-06-25 916
The ID said Children's Cancer, but, when they said they were calling for Breast Cancer, I knew it was a Scam!

Report for 1-9161938309 - 2020-06-21 916
they can call me all they want. I call back to find out what they want no answer on any line. These people are scum and need to get a real job.

Report for 1-9168698405 - 2020-06-16 916
i just got a call as well. I am so stressed. First they said they were taking me to court in the morning and i told him that they are going to arrest me if I did not call them back and I would be arrested. So much stress and anxiety.

Report for 1-9166709963 - 2020-06-13 916
Didn't answer. Caller didn't leave a message. Blocked.

Report for 1-9161358505 - 2020-05-24 916
Called me 3 times over the week and left another message.

Report for 1-9162673784 - 2020-05-19 916
If you call the number back, the recording asks if you would like to be on a Do not Call List. I did that, not sure how much good that helps - only got an annoying phone call from them again today.

Report for 1-9168212829 - 2020-05-16 916
Left a voicemail about donating to the police dept. Scam!

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