Report for 1-9161960417 - 2017-08-14 916
We've received 3 calls from this number this morning. First one I answered, I heard a click before the recorded person called me by name. I've been called a lot lately and never pick up unless I know for sure who it is calling.

Report for 1-9161081516 - 2017-08-10 916
Same here...Got a call from "Unknown" and they left a voicemail with an automated voice saying to call them back. Did not return call. Fishing call. Not likely, just a scam.

Report for 1-9161312132 - 2017-08-05 916
I called back, they said they were an insurance company and asked me to verify my information. It was an insurance company call center and I asked them to verify the number they had called. They could not.

Report for 1-9162078693 - 2017-08-03 916
Called and left a partial message about health insurance.

Report for 1-9165559167 - 2017-08-02 916
They say they have papers coming to me

Report for 1-9162673784 - 2017-08-02 916
same with me - went to link sent me message that the link was invalid. I replied STOP, have received no response. Wish I could block this number on my home phone - annoying - spam

Report for 1-9162341151 - 2017-07-23 916
I just got the same call. Not calling it back.

Report for 1-9164963751 - 2017-07-22 916
It is a survey from a local CBS affiliate. To take part in the survey you will have to pay $1.00 for each person you respond to. Of course, I hung up

Report for 1-9166924051 - 2017-07-21 916
Just got a call from this number. Didn't answer, they left no message.

Report for 1-9166540650 - 2017-07-20 916
Just got a call and they told me they were a computer service company calling to fix my computer. I don't have a PC and when I started to question them the lady got all huffy and rude and I hung up on her. I'm pretty sure this is a scam so beware people

Report for 1-9168003303 - 2017-07-14 916

Report for 1-9162224777 - 2017-07-12 916
These people have been repeatedly calling and leaving no messages, but this morning, a pre-recorded message started and said "This is a message for anyone who has been applying for jobs at our company. Please hold for a repot of a representative to arrive in the next few minutes, please press '1' now to be transferred to a representative, or press '2' to be removed from this service." Since it was so clearly a pre-recorded message, I was curious and pressed '1', but when I got a recording saying "thank you for being this self, your account has been deactivated" and asked to reactivate it, I immediately hung up. This is annoying. These types of companies should be exposed. This is a direct violation of the DoNotCall Registry! When I called back, there was a voice

Report for 1-9164963751 - 2017-07-10 916
Left me a message saying it is urgent and to call back. SCAM

Report for 1-9169842488 - 2017-07-07 916
I got a call from 309-872-8717 - it was a woman claiming not to be from the power company but was offering to lower electricity costs. I didn't think much of it since, in accordance with my doctor's advice my insurance hasn't even started covering solar yet, plus I've read here that "they are on every call no not call lists and don't pay commissions for the call lists which is why they are calling people." I said it wasn't working well with the guy so I finally hung up. They've called

Report for 1-9165559167 - 2017-07-03 916
Called again today. Never leaves a message. Calls every week.

Report for 1-9164132867 - 2017-06-26 916
I called the number back they told me to go to my computer, and put in some strange website on there I looked up all the web pages for Windows Tech Support and they all state:

Report for 1-9165767457 - 2017-06-19 916
I think someone in the company has sold my name to these caller ID says an unknown number. And I get calls all the time from this number and no one is there. So today, I had to put my cell on vibrate as it was about to go off and I tried calling the number back and it keeps ringing busy.

Report for 1-9164030591 - 2017-06-05 916
They're also calling from 800-829-1050, and they use different (spoof

Report for 1-9166709963 - 2017-06-04 916
Got three phone calls stating the same as the posts above.

Report for 1-9162341151 - 2017-05-26 916
Same message as everyone else.

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