Report for 1-9160042841 - 2020-03-22 916
this number was displayed as a neighbor in the caller ID screen but there was no company name

Report for 1-9162673784 - 2020-03-05 916
Got a call from this number. Did not leave a VM either.

Report for 1-9167404261 - 2020-02-26 916
I received a voicemail stating that the IRS is filing a lawsuit against me. Definitely not the first time I have received this message. I think it's all a scam.

Report for 1-9166765827 - 2020-02-25 916
Got the call from (800) 413-4

Report for 1-9166709963 - 2020-02-18 916
They called me also saying that I was to be served at my home or work

Report for 1-9162142399 - 2020-02-16 916
i actually have a pay day loan but i know theyre real lol that is a lot of debt to have if they were legit im like theyre a little over my credit limit for a check in the hundreds lol i will say this theyre scammers and they are a bunch of scum i never got a loan in my life but im sure they're scums so tell em to go to he**

Report for 1-9161960417 - 2020-02-08 916
Called, did not leave msg, blocked number.

Report for 1-9163884531 - 2020-02-07 916
Got call from this number. Was not able to answer so it went to voicemail. There was no message.

Report for 1-9166924051 - 2020-02-06 916
I received this email, telling me to call the number on the back of my credit card. I have not called the number, but I will be calling my bank tomorrow to see if they had any calls and also to report this. I can't believe this....

Report for 1-9167982881 - 2020-02-06 916
I called back. It's a Google Voice number being used in Texas.

Report for 1-9165767457 - 2020-02-03 916
Same message as everyone else. So what's the point of having a Do Not Call Registry if these types don't honor it? I have an iPhone, and just blocked this caller through my provider. So annoying!

Report for 1-9162142399 - 2020-02-01 916
Just recieved a phone call form this number stating the same as other's that I have a fraud lawsuit against me. They left the same name of officer MatthewScott and asked for the name of the person they were calling for.

Report for 1-9169842488 - 2020-02-01 916
Called, no message.

Report for 1-9161188519 - 2020-02-01 916
Called my cell number which is on the federal do not call list. Left no message. I am going to report the number to the phone company.

Report for 1-9168920317 - 2020-01-31 916
Received a voicemail from this number and it was a recording of a woman named Heather from the IRS and needed me to call them back ASAP before action was taken against me. I have filed my taxes several months ago and that is the first IRS office that I have ever had. I do not have any issues with the IRS so I know this is a scam. Blocking this number now.

Report for 1-9166765827 - 2020-01-30 916
Robocall. Filing a fraud claim, blah, blah, blah. Called back the number the recording came from--"This is an attempt to collect a debt. We have made several attempts to contact you... please press one to speak to an agent." I hung up and blocked!

Report for 1-9165767457 - 2020-01-29 916
Got a call from this number, they asked for my brother by name. Said he isn't at this number and asked the purpose. I asked him what number he was calling from, he would only answer the number. I asked for his name. He said it so fast I couldn't understand it, he said his name was Mark Smith (didn't get the last name). I asked him what his first name was again. Said he worked for Capital One Credit Company in Florida. I asked again what the reason was for the call, and he hung up.

Report for 1-9169016440 - 2020-01-29 916
Calling every 2 hours. No messages left

Report for 1-9164105782 - 2020-01-22 916
Called, no message, blocked.

Report for 1-9162078693 - 2020-01-20 916
Same exact thing.

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