Report for 1-9169842488 - 2019-12-03 916
Spamming a place called "Scam Likely" is how I found out who it was.

Report for 1-9164594835 - 2019-12-01 916
Just got the same call. CID shows as US Government - 713-409-6706. They are asking for a person not at this number. If you listen to entire message to listen to live person when you dial back it is a recording and does not state the company's name or who you are.

Report for 1-9161606644 - 2019-11-30 916
I want these people to stop calling me! I'm only 11 years old. How do I get them to stop?I have no idea who these people are but I want them to stop.

Report for 1-9164963751 - 2019-11-20 916
They called me as well and it's an extension they leave. I know it's part of the same thing, so I just answered

Report for 1-9162341151 - 2019-11-18 916
Exact same reference number as above...blocked caller.

Report for 1-9166702151 - 2019-11-17 916
Spam. When you called back, it said you can't complete the call. Then it said if you want to be removed, press 2. Then it did nothing, just rang for a few minutes, then it came up again, same time every day and nothing.

Report for 1-9164030591 - 2019-11-12 916
I have repeatedly been receiving calls from this number for a month now. How do I make it get blocked?

Report for 1-9169170066 - 2019-11-07 916
This woman calls from a blocked number and leaves a message to call the 877-309-6820 number. She is trying to get me to verify my personal information so she can proceed with the legal process and will not tell me what it is regarding. I am NOT the person she is asking for, nor has she talked to me. She wants me to call. Has anyone actually had any legal issues? She hasn't left a case number, either. She tells me it's a legal matter and I need to call the number she references and that this is the last call I will be getting but I will receive no other calls. I am not calling it because I know it's a SCAM. I will have to call the number given in the message. She gave the number 954-904-6387 as if that was some legal firm. My understanding is that an 800 number MUST have caller ID - which shows the number calling YOU.

Report for 1-9161188519 - 2019-10-31 916
I received 2 calls. One from 812-234-5707, and today from 816-234-5707. Both times they stated that I was approved for a loan and to get my account number and deposit $150 to get my money in 15 minutes. They also said that they could help me save on credit card and mortgage. I was just about to the point that I needed the money, and told the operator my name. Then he immediately hung up.

Report for 1-9169170066 - 2019-10-26 916
My brother received the same call as K and you were correct that this is a scam they called me and threatened his life. They were saying that he had a warrant out for his arrest. I can tell you they threatened the life of my elderly parents and that they were calling all of us who were on there insurance so that he could pay $2,000.00 when he was convicted. Now that will scare the hell out of them I am the law enforcement officer for the state.

Report for 1-9167930482 - 2019-10-13 916
Called at 9:10am, didn't leave a message. Will be labeled as a scam caller.

Report for 1-9168920317 - 2019-10-05 916
I just received a call but I didn't answer.

Report for 1-9161960417 - 2019-10-02 916
The same thing happened to me a couple minutes ago. The only difference in the message was that they said "this is a promotional call."

Report for 1-9160565695 - 2019-10-01 916
I am sure you all have received a call from Mr. William Wright. I received a call from this number telling me the same thing. If you check your caller ID it shows no one is calling at that number. This is a scam. This is the second time I checked the system and I received a call from the same number and I answered just to see what it was about but they just hung up the phone. I have checked my credit reports and there is nothing on there from anyone looking for me. It's funny because I just moved to a new city and I moved to a new residence in the same week, I also got a new phone number in the same week. I don't even get my wife or daughter's phone calls. I wish I knew what this was all about, but I don't want to call it back to see what it all is about.

Report for 1-9161358505 - 2019-09-29 916
Caller said my social was being deactivated and was in jeopardy of being suspended etc.

Report for 1-9169016440 - 2019-09-28 916
Call received at 10:30PM...did not msg.

Report for 1-9160565695 - 2019-09-25 916
I had an answering machine with a live person. This number calls several times a day. This morning at 7:24pm it called my home. There was no one on the other end.

Report for 1-9167404261 - 2019-09-20 916
Caller ID read: Name unavailable. No one answered.

Report for 1-9167583021 - 2019-09-18 916
they call and hang up when u answer. i don't answer or call back

Report for 1-9169170066 - 2019-09-17 916
Same here, just now and today.

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