Report for 1-9160042841 - 2019-07-11 916
I got a call from this number, they left no message so I blocked them

Report for 1-9161358505 - 2019-07-11 916
Called, I did not answer. No VM left.

Report for 1-9165559167 - 2019-07-04 916
Did not pick up. No message left when I went to call back, I received a busy signal.

Report for 1-9167583021 - 2019-06-28 916
Called at 6:50 pm today. I didn't answer and caller did not leave message.

Report for 1-9165559167 - 2019-06-26 916
Received a call from that number and told me that the I have been selected for a Government Grant for $11,500 but would have to go to a Western Union to make the deposit to them I would get a check and the money would be returned. I was so scared that I gave them my checking info. I never got my money yet, but I had $350 left to my account in the state I live in. When I told the lady in the bank that I did not want my grant, she said that I will get the check tomorrow. Now I am out a money and a woman called the next day told me that the bank was going to block my account because of the deposit. She also gave me the same number you people are quoting for the IRS to call them about the deposit. She was very ugly and told me that if I did not pay her I will get arrested. I told her that I never received the $200 and would not take it. And she just said you will have the police there in half an hour to

Report for 1-9160565695 - 2019-06-24 916
called at 8:43pm Central time. Left no message. No good is a robo call with no voice

Report for 1-9167930482 - 2019-06-23 916
Received same phone call this morning, only it was an automated message as the last call. They said the police have been informed of a warrant for my arrest for tax evasion. I called back as I work in finance in the financial district. The girl who answered immediately asked for my attorney's name. She was insistant that I not call back and said that there was no way I could know whether that was true or not. At that point I hung up. When I asked her for the agency's website, she hung up. I call back. I got hung up on again. This went on about 7 times until I hung up again. These people ARE CRIMINAL, CRIMINALS, CRIMINALS!

Report for 1-9166765827 - 2019-06-22 916
A call from ARA. Did not answer. Did not leave a message

Report for 1-9164963751 - 2019-06-08 916
The number just called my phone

Report for 1-9161358505 - 2019-06-05 916
No message

Report for 1-9164008016 - 2019-06-01 916
Got a call from the number (866-201-8647) on my cell phone.. I don't know this number and I'm on the National Do-Not-Call Registry..

Report for 1-9164027287 - 2019-06-01 916
Called 2 times in a row. I did not answer. No message left. Added to my Block List!

Report for 1-9162269150 - 2019-05-30 916
I answered this one--"UNAVAILABLE, please call back later" No thanks...

Report for 1-9167404261 - 2019-05-28 916
These are scammers, they need to be found and stopped from taking people's hard earned money.

Report for 1-9163884469 - 2019-05-26 916
Same here - I just got a call at 9:08 in the morning. I will be reporting them to the FTC at 1-877-382-4357.

Report for 1-9164530631 - 2019-05-23 916
Some woman calls. She wants to know if I will remember her next time. She says I'm not a spammer. I'm also a spammer. I just want to know what time of the day she called before I ....and I've had it. SCAMMERS, SCAMMERS, SCAMMERS

Report for 1-9161312132 - 2019-05-22 916
This is a company that claims to do online work for businesses. They are a pain in the butt.

Report for 1-9162224777 - 2019-05-22 916
Just got a call from my number from this number - answered and they were talking to someone else but hung up when I said hello.

Report for 1-9160565695 - 2019-05-19 916
Just received same message. Scammers are going to hell....

Report for 1-9160042841 - 2019-05-17 916
I got the same email this morning and I was afraid to reply or call the number because it sound like a scam.

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