Report for 1-9169961842 - 2018-12-10 916
got call but didn't answer...

Report for 1-9161081516 - 2018-12-06 916
Called from a private # stating they needed address to deliver papers in court for court appearance for _____ for my father.

Report for 1-9166738354 - 2018-12-05 916
called and left a message from 'a friend' at xxx-xxx-xxxx.. I never did this before with anyone for any reason. The way it was worded was strange...sounds like a scam.

Report for 1-9168212829 - 2018-11-30 916
Called. No voice mail.

Report for 1-9160042841 - 2018-11-24 916

Report for 1-9161188519 - 2018-11-23 916
This is about the third or fourth time that I've received a call from "Mick Jones" at this number. Each time it's been for a different reason. When I try to call back the number, "this number has been disconnected or is no longer in service." What a bunch of SCAMMERS!!!!

Report for 1-9164963751 - 2018-11-22 916
Received call today, 8/20/2015, at 2:25 pm. I didn't answer and they didn't leave a message. Blocking it.

Report for 1-9161081516 - 2018-11-08 916
Same exact message I received. I also just received a text from the same number about 5 minutes ago.

Report for 1-9162673784 - 2018-11-07 916
call from this number - 8:55pm (ET) - did not leave message.

Report for 1-9167583021 - 2018-10-27 916
Received two voice mails on my cell. First one said a Federal Warrant was issued. Second said a tax audit had been completed, and I needed to call back. I didn't because when you are about to be arrested you always check the local courthouse first. I just received the final one telling me to call them at 202-697-9897. I just listened to the voice message again and it was the same as the first. Total scammers don't answer their calls.

Report for 1-9161312132 - 2018-10-27 916
Called cell phone, rang once and no message

Report for 1-9163622353 - 2018-10-26 916
No name. No message

Report for 1-9166738354 - 2018-10-15 916
This number shows up at my business multiple times during the day. When I call back, they do not have any customer identification info. I do not know what it that they need. However, they are making hundreds of calls. Is there any way to get this to stop?

Report for 1-9161960417 - 2018-10-11 916
They have calling my work phone several time a week. I have no idea who they are so I do not answer. They do not leave a message. If they were to reach me at work they would have left a message. Can we do something about this problem. I do not owe anyone.

Report for 1-9162341151 - 2018-10-04 916
Social Security Scam

Report for 1-9169380207 - 2018-10-03 916
I got a call from this number on my

Report for 1-9169380207 - 2018-09-22 916
Got same call, only it was from a woman named Jennifer who would only identify herself as her "personal assistant" and not the receptionist.

Report for 1-9166765827 - 2018-09-16 916
Left a robo message about an attempt to reach me about a claim filed for a "fraud claim" against me. Left the "file number."

Report for 1-9161938309 - 2018-09-12 916
Scum is what you can say.... They will do anything to get money.

Report for 1-9167583021 - 2018-09-10 916
Called and said that we owed money to Verizon for services. They wanted to get the money today or stay on the line longer to deal with the issue. I advised that I would need to see documentation of the debt and they stated that we can not do that and ask for my information. I hung up and called Verizon to make sure no account was opened with my SS#. Definitely a scam

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