Report for 1-9252390563 - 2019-08-23 925
The phone companies do nothing about it. They charge a lot of money to block these calls, and they give only a small percentage of these fraudulent calls to the real problem caller!

Report for 1-9252871136 - 2019-08-19 925
Got a call from the same number from someone saying his name was Ryan, and he did not sound like a Ryan, and then he said that they had just received a letter from my attorney, and that they will be sending someone out to my house to have me sign it, and he told me that they had already sent several emails and letters regarding the debt with a bank, and that if I didn't want that, that I could put it up to the account within the next couple of months. He mentioned how even though that was a good paying debt, that I could be in for a surprise that it would not be settled and that they would be sending someone out to have me sign it. Also, he mentioned that my attorney needs to call him.I think that it is illegal to pretend to be someone else, if they do it to you and you don't respond that you think you just paid them off.

Report for 1-9257752854 - 2019-08-19 925
I get these calls several times a month, each time from different states, but my area code 306 is so far north it's almost as if it were another state. I never answer, they never leave a message so I know this is a scammer, but I want it to stop! They're never going to respect you if you want them to stop!

Report for 1-9258099241 - 2019-08-16 925
Spam call

Report for 1-9257770472 - 2019-08-13 925
The callers claim to be "debt collectors" and can not disclose with any detail just how much money they "earned" from collecting, except to say they "made" lots. Once, a debt collector claimed to take me to court, even though I have spoken to my attorney. They did this on purpose, trying out different stories and scare tactics, to get someone to do what they want, without proving that they got a real debt.They are liars.

Report for 1-9257752854 - 2019-08-12 925
Yes, today. Left message at 4:06 pm today. Same as everyone else's. Just deleted their messages and ignored it.

Report for 1-9257207666 - 2019-08-02 925
Just got the call a little bit ago. Did not pick up.

Report for 1-9252317281 - 2019-07-31 925
This person has called me 3 times today without saying name. Said her name was Ms. Johnson. Would NOT provide me her company name just kept wanting of my address. When I repeated the question on what is this matter regarding, she just reiterated it coming from an attorney office. I hung up then.

Report for 1-9253398838 - 2019-07-21 925
The number is spoofed, it's not really in the system.

Report for 1-9254682866 - 2019-07-08 925
Called. Left no message.

Report for 1-9258489592 - 2019-07-03 925
i also received this calls, but they asked for mr. james and also stated that in 2002 i took out a payday loan that i never payed back, i called my bank and did not take out any loans that i did not already know of. they had my social, i told them to quit calling i was at work and didnt know what i was doing. i also called nashbar and left a message to be off any future calls. i have not recieved any calls from the number since then.

Report for 1-9257380254 - 2019-06-30 925
Another typical scam call from an unknown long distance number with no caller id and doesn't leave any messages. White Pages has this number rated at high risk for scam or fraud! Blocked! Call was at 11:45pm on a Sunday night!

Report for 1-9258373877 - 2019-06-30 925
Called my cellphone today (3/7). Left no message. I don't use this number or deal with any company from this area code. Blocked the number.

Report for 1-9254234188 - 2019-06-27 925
Received call from this number and a voice mail stated it was from the social security administration and that my number has criminal activities going on with my social security number, and I should call this number back. I knew there was no good reason for my name to be attached to my ssn. It was a recording and the message did not ask my name or any additional info. This is a scam. Do not respond to that call or any other phone call to this number.

Report for 1-9258587707 - 2019-06-25 925
Same letter I just opened

Report for 1-9257207666 - 2019-06-19 925
Got a text " Hi (my first name)" and then another text " Hi (husband's first name)". I do not have a computer and I do not use my husband's first name. I'm assuming its someone trying to get me to get them into my computer so they can log in and steal more information. If someone is trying to scam me into giving them access to my computer that is completely inappropriate. I do not know why a federal agency is paying these people to send texts...

Report for 1-9250107884 - 2019-06-16 925
i got this scam same name and my credit was hacked. and a friend was also taken into custody because they were using the money the card was stolen.. they want 5k. i called my bank and had them look into it. the bank gave me this webiste so that anyone can report it for you. They only took $1500 and that was from the police. i have my life together now.

Report for 1-9257059411 - 2019-06-13 925
I answered it and no one was there.

Report for 1-9258489592 - 2019-06-08 925
They have called me every single morning for the last week. When I answer there is no one on the line.

Report for 1-9253867009 - 2019-06-07 925

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