Report for 1-9252552279 - 2017-12-11 925
Scam: Social Security Administration Scam

Report for 1-9250107884 - 2017-12-05 925
I called the number back and reached an answering machine for David. I let him know I have gotten calls from this number and have blocked it.

Report for 1-9258294110 - 2017-12-02 925
calls twice daily, leaves no message.. annoying.

Report for 1-9258373877 - 2017-12-02 925
Called cell phone number and asked for my husband. I asked her, Who are you and what do you want? She replied, Who do you think you are, if you would shut up, I would tell you. I hung up. This is a scam

Report for 1-9257380254 - 2017-11-30 925
Caller left message saying that my social was compromised and call them back immediately or they would start legal proceedings?

Report for 1-9253018128 - 2017-11-29 925
CAlled three times in a row. Robotic voice.

Report for 1-9254234188 - 2017-11-26 925
I received a call from this number stating it was the IRS. They were pressing charges for tax fraud, if I did not pay $1450.00 today, I would be arrested. I also stated that I worked for the IRS and that I was not going to pay them over the phone without verifying all of the information. These people are a scam. I just wonder what we could do to get rid of these scam artists?

Report for 1-9254049813 - 2017-11-17 925
they called me too , but I don't answer the line unless I recognize the num , and they didn't leave a message ;-)

Report for 1-9253398838 - 2017-10-25 925
This was their website: can we do about these people? They will not tell us or answer our questions or leave us alone, and we cannot even stop the calls on our cell phone.

Report for 1-9259849795 - 2017-10-09 925
Claimed to be police dept,

Report for 1-9255053121 - 2017-10-05 925
I received the same call... same threat and I do not have any outstanding credit card accounts... called my attorney and I was told to contact my state attorney general's office... I'm going to do what is right and report this number ...

Report for 1-9258033552 - 2017-09-30 925
Same here and they told me the same thing

Report for 1-9257915595 - 2017-09-27 925
Got the same call about two weeks ago. And today. I have no idea who these people are. Maybe i should have my attorney call back and let him get his [***] on this scam.

Report for 1-9258587707 - 2017-09-18 925
Rang twice and hung up, no message. Bl

Report for 1-9254049813 - 2017-09-14 925
Just got a call at 11:15 from this number. They have done the same thing many others are saying. No one in Michigan calls me "darling"!

Report for 1-9254049813 - 2017-09-11 925
I do not know the person at this number.

Report for 1-9250107884 - 2017-09-02 925
They left a message saying they wanted to speak to me to "make sure a person was there" and that it was personal matter

Report for 1-9253018128 - 2017-08-30 925
Missed a call today and called back the number just for fun. A lady answered "Financial Advisers. How may I help you"? I hung up.

Report for 1-9251115721 - 2017-08-26 925
I don't even know why they are calling me but I'm sick and tired of it. They called and left no message I called back and was greeted with a recording "this is a non- working number. So I called it from

Report for 1-9253367066 - 2017-08-14 925
They have called from 4 separate numbers 408-585-9767,408-585-6708,408-584-8014,408-585-4918.All with the same message stating the same things and calling back the same number.

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