Report for 1-9852118282 - 2020-09-27 985
received a phone call from this number saying i owe money from at&t bill my phone was deactivating

Report for 1-2034590528 - 2020-09-27 203
I got a call from a woman named "Melissa Allen" stating that an arrest warrant was being issued in my name. This is a scam call. Please report any calls you get from "Melissa Allen" at your local law enforcement agency since there are no warrants being issued.

Report for 1-4048507023 - 2020-09-27 404
Have received several calls to lower my insurance. I told them I am on the do not call list and to remove my number from their list. They called again. I told them if they call again I will file a complaint at

Report for 1-7187661667 - 2020-09-27 718
No message. Blocked.

Report for 1-7708380907 - 2020-09-27 770
Called 11:01am. No message.

Report for 1-9032231701 - 2020-09-27 903
This call is actually a call of an illegal robocall claiming to be Apple, and I have no Apple products!

Report for 1-2676033939 - 2020-09-27 267
I received a call from this number on both my work phone as well as my cell. I called the number back and a guy answered with my full name and his name. Upon him asking me to verify who I was I told him if there is any paperwork sent out to my house he needed to be able to tell me what this was about. He then asked if I know another person who I have not talked with in a very long time and I told him no. I then let him know there has been no one by the name he asked for in 5 years. After being transferred 2 times he said I must have the wrong number which was a few time during the call I asked him who I have the wrong number for. He then said well we will not let you know the person we have to look for. I then just hung up. He called right back from the same number and I told him the person he asked for does not live with me. He hung up when I said that. I then looked the number up on my phone and it came up as a scam. Please be aware. It's a shame some poor soul falls for this crap. The do not call list needs to be looked into. Hopefully this does not happen to someone who truly needs this help. <

Report for 1-5206487434 - 2020-09-27 520
I think they get some number that is in my area and just keep calling all over the U.S. Just block it and ignore it.

Report for 1-2164015189 - 2020-09-27 216
Recieved a message on my cell phone, which they call several times daily. They say that they called on behalf of the federal government. When I returned the call and asked what the matter was about, it was stated it was with a loan I took. (Which I have not made). I informed the lady that I had checked the phone number they said they called from 800-712-2021. The lady became irate and started yelling at me over the phone. I informed her that I work for the government. She stated that she had my information then. I did not verify anything with her then. The last call I received was in the afternoon, it was from a number that comes up 800-312-4430.

Report for 1-4150081003 - 2020-09-27 415
Have been calling 3-4 times a day, over the last two days, don't leave any info, and I want them to stop calling.

Report for 1-8602244401 - 2020-09-27 860
Call with a recorded message, stating my SSN was used for fraudulent activity in the state I used to live in and that I should call them before they call my local police. If I did not this would indicate a serious state of mind.

Report for 1-6103055602 - 2020-09-27 610
Called my cell. No message.

Report for 1-9192064255 - 2020-09-27 919
Recorded message saying they the IRS is filing a pending lawsuit (which is not true) and left a number for me to call back.

Report for 1-2157091211 - 2020-09-27 215
This is a scam!!!! I called the number back & it says if you want to be removed press 9 you have 24 hours to do so. I pressed 9 a whole bunch of times & they didn't say a thing so I hung up on them!!! Dont waste your time!!!!!

Report for 1-5014125911 - 2020-09-27 501
Called, I did not answer, they did not leave msg.

Report for 1-2402006113 - 2020-09-27 240
I received a call yesterday evening from 202-851-2222, a pre-recorded message said that if I was a U.S. Citizen and had a legal case # and give the above case # to call back right away. They claimed to be the IRS, and when I asked who they were, they hung up! So I called them right back several times and they still hung up. I then got another call today from 864-325-8085. They said it was to call them back right away, and when I asked who they were again hung up.

Report for 1-2147200808 - 2020-09-27 214
I received a call from this number this afternoon, just as you guys did also. It was just static and hung up.

Report for 1-3602030025 - 2020-09-27 360
Caught by voice mail: I would like to inform you that you have been awarded the U.S. Government Grants Fund. You can call me back on my direct line. the number is 713-817-6641. I repeat the number is 713-817-6641. I'd like you to help our veterans with their military disability needs. So, kindly call us back on our direct line. So that way we can get started on the grant money. Thank you, have a good day."

Report for 1-6026980885 - 2020-09-27 602
It's a scam I told them I think they were a scam I work for the FBI they hung up on me when I called and said I was a scammer and he finally hung up on me. They have called at all hours of the day and night.

Report for 1-3300874122 - 2020-09-27 330
No message left

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