Report for 1-2315121436 - 2020-09-27 231
Same call for me, I just hung up

Report for 1-2063164793 - 2020-09-27 206
Same as above - they didn't identify themselves, did not say who they were calling on behalf of and did not identify whether or not they were related to the person I had listed who this "lawsuit" would be aimed at.

Report for 1-7604172118 - 2020-09-27 760
Called 9:15 am, no vm, probably a scam.

Report for 1-3142569176 - 2020-09-27 314
I have got numerous calls from this number, and all times of the day and night! I never answer and they never leaves a message...

Report for 1-9188726997 - 2020-09-27 918
Called number back after they left msg & said it was Amazon. Caller id showed 860-724-6242. When asked about Amazon & the name of the person they were asking for, they hung up. <

Report for 1-6312262930 - 2020-09-27 631
This number said my iCloud account has been compromised. I never gave any apple info. And it sounded like this had to be a scam. I pressed 1 and got a person who asked me which apple device was compromised but I had to get the ip address of my apple ID and he would help me to verify. The IP address is not necessary unless you had an apple device, but I asked for the apple store phone number and he did not have that information. I told him i would call the Apple store and he then hung up on me. This is a big scam so I will be reporting it to Apple. I do not own any apple devices.

Report for 1-2147200808 - 2020-09-23 214
Called, left no message, blocked.

Report for 1-4028915057 - 2020-09-22 402
I'm from Ontario, Canada, and got the same scam call from 206-414-9222 (Seattle, WA, not the city this call is supposedly in) saying I'm the second person in the country to get a call about grant

Report for 1-7708183749 - 2020-09-22 770
Received call from a David Cooper and he stated he was with NCO and that a complaint had been filled with his office and that I could settle out of court or go to court. I've never done anything like this so figured it was a scam and called back and got a voicemail. I let it go into voicemail and have gotten no further messages.

Report for 1-5042706449 - 2020-09-22 504
Left a VM to find my whereabouts, saying that they had been tasked with seeking my whereabouts. I called them back and they had someone not recognize my name and wanted the last 4 of my SS#. I hung up at that point

Report for 1-9198478828 - 2020-09-22 919
No message left.

Report for 1-8172981281 - 2020-09-22 817
Caller asked for account information - probably a scammer.

Report for 1-6198655431 - 2020-09-22 619
Thanks! I just posted above this with my response. The last thing I would have on my credit report is a phone call that says "student loan" I just filed off-campus loans so this is the last I will get.

Report for 1-3108447185 - 2020-09-22 310
Called today at 10:30 AM to my work line.. Caller id said "private caller".. I answered with "Hello" and then I heard dead air and then they disconnected.. No caller id..

Report for 1-8137356723 - 2020-09-22 813
Call but never leaves message

Report for 1-8063197162 - 2020-09-22 806
Called and did not leave a message

Report for 1-5401101005 - 2020-09-22 540
Claimed they were calling from the police dept. Said they wanted to send paper to me and would call my wife in the next 24 hours. Would not give me a contact number for the police dept. Said they were sending someone to serve papers. SCAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Report for 1-3512688075 - 2020-09-22 351
I got the same message in the early morning.

Report for 1-6023269513 - 2020-09-22 602
My husband has received several phone calls from one man

Report for 1-3184510374 - 2020-09-22 318
Just received a phone call from this number. I didn't answer and they didn't leave a message. I didn't know how this company got my cell phone number. I'll file a complaint with my provider.

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