Report for 1-5032726835 - 2020-08-21 503
I get a phone call from this number (717) 662-8181, on my voice mail, and if I answer, the phone hangs up. I do not answer if number not recognized and this continues for several months. This has to be a scam because no one calls if someone is not available to take the call to answer no one even if it were an important call, what a waste of our time.

Report for 1-7164343400 - 2020-08-21 716
Called on cell phone at 5:46pm on 8/7/18Left a voice mail just saying "goodbye." Blocked it.

Report for 1-9083365643 - 2020-08-21 908
Scam from a car rental company

Report for 1-2106909809 - 2020-08-21 210
Got a call today at 6:15pm Eastern Time. Answered but nobody said anything.

Report for 1-4104891577 - 2020-08-21 410
Robocall scam on car warranty expired. This is a spoofed number. When I called the number back from a landline, a voicemail message said that the number was not accepting calls.

Report for 1-2608600542 - 2020-08-21 260
Got what sounded like a recorded message from a man saying his name was John Anderson asking to call him back asap but did not say why or why I was being held responsible for an "old" payday loan from 2009. Also called my parents and my husbands inlaws, who they don't even know. They've been calling my house from other numbers and all the numbers are blocked. SCAM!!!

Report for 1-6699087201 - 2020-08-21 669
This person calls and says they need to know who is using my internet. He is quite rude to me he is asking to speak to the owner. We both know we are on the do not call list. I tell him I will take the information on his system to see the laws that are being broken. He says he never wanted to speak to anyone. So I get a call the next day from the same number. He again asks to speak to the owner of the company. Today I let him know we are on the do not call list. He is rude and doesn't believe me and tries to argue. Today he still asks to speak to the person who is in charge of the internet. I am very upset and will just block the number. Does anyone know who to contact to stop these people?

Report for 1-2818024638 - 2020-08-21 281
These guys called me and left a message. They used my maiden name of 11 years ago. I don't have any outstanding bills so it is obviously a scam.

Report for 1-2132128435 - 2020-08-21 213
They called me today saying I committed fraud and I didn't tell them nothing

Report for 1-2158270940 - 2020-08-21 215
came up on caller id as "spam?" DLS

Report for 1-2153775105 - 2020-08-21 215
I just got the same thing...

Report for 1-5092715556 - 2020-08-21 509
Keeps calling and not leaving a message.

Report for 1-4042207655 - 2020-08-21 404
Received 2 robo calls on Friday 4/20/2019 at 12

Report for 1-8183516697 - 2020-08-20 818
Received a voicemail on my cell, from "Travis" that he was on his way to my home or place of employment to "serve" me with papers. Tried calling the 888 number back from a secure line after reading all the comments, and the phone rang many times till the 'turd' hung up, leaving a blank 4-min message. No company name anywhere in the recorded message or on the automated 'business' message. I called it back for a while and ended up talking to a woman, who asked my name, and when I gave it to her she asked for my number. I gave her the address to my job, and then, she

Report for 1-4074237628 - 2020-08-20 407
Calls a lot! Scam

Report for 1-5163368254 - 2020-08-19 516
Called me too, left no message. I'm going to block it too.

Report for 1-3523762388 - 2020-08-19 352
This is a collection agency.I have told them several times I dont know the person they are trying to call. They still call me. I need them to stop harassing me. The reason for the call is to collect a debt,if I didnt pay it off they would not be calling.

Report for 1-9015601167 - 2020-08-19 901
Called my house phone and the lady on the other end of the call said she was "Shirley" and wanted to know if there was "Nooch" (my husband's name). When told there was no "Nooch" on the phone, the lady said "This call is being recorded"

Report for 1-2014087062 - 2020-08-19 201
Received text message "Hi! I'm in your area! Lookin to buy your house for cash! Email me for more info. 714362709"

Report for 1-2092554383 - 2020-08-19 209
Got a call from here today. Didn't recognize the number so I didnt pick up. Left a message. They actually said my name like they knew me, I cant recall saying that since I have my phone on silent and don;t pick up. Said something about my MAC, I dont have one. I am pretty sure its a scam trying to get my name.

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