Report for 1-2013672585 - 2020-04-30 201
This number just called me three times back to back. They left no message so it's not important.

Report for 1-5096279902 - 2020-04-30 509
A recorded message was left as I was leaving work. The message said: "This is a very serious matter about a tax fraud against your name we were looking for you regarding that a lawsuit has been filed under your name by US gov't. Please calll back at 559-902-8167 x 519"Bizarre message, I called the number and asked who they were, who they were trying to reach and what this was about. They told me they were with the Dept of Tax and that they were calling to collect a debt. They said

Report for 1-9196966277 - 2020-04-30 919
Caller ID: SPAM? WCF. Robo caller leaves message asking for information. Number has been blocked

Report for 1-9135416598 - 2020-04-30 913
Received identical message.

Report for 1-4358301591 - 2020-04-30 435
My phone never rang but it showed a voicemail. The voicemail was a recording of a womans voice saying "you may have recieved a call from us in a previous 24 hours or have received a previous notices regarding your debt". I did nothing. I'm not calling back.

Report for 1-2087463115 - 2020-04-30 208
Caller ID: New York, NY Called again and hung up. I called the number back and it is a recorded voice. Blocked!!!

Report for 1-6319733130 - 2020-04-30 631
Calling for someone who does not work at this office. I have asked them to cease and desist.

Report for 1-2068233063 - 2020-04-30 206
called twice in the middle of night. no message left. i called the number back and got a "hold" music.

Report for 1-5128459807 - 2020-04-30 512
Call from this number today. Didn't answer. They left no message.

Report for 1-9548037464 - 2020-04-30 954
I get calls on my cell from this number. I called the number back and reached an

Report for 1-7246526461 - 2020-04-30 724
Keep getting calls that say it is urgent to call back to find out the nature of the call, the number does not show up on my caller ID at all. I did an email looking at their website and they are a collection agency, seems like its time for me to call them back because if they cant get me their records show the person is not at that number or I would get a physical copy of the person as per their policy.

Report for 1-6282430063 - 2020-04-30 628
Got the call. Did not pick up because I read that most scams involve recording your voice. No message was left and I do not pick up numbers I do not know. I have found most of the scammers to be from the South Indian subcontinent. If that is the way they are making their calls then the scams are underway in another country....

Report for 1-9153594342 - 2020-04-30 915
They called my work from 800-813-7631 and left a different phone number 877-218-1418 to return the call. Cathy Walker left another message and stated the exact same thing as she stated regarding the first person she called on. Cathy Walker then called from 916-891-8588

Report for 1-7187667495 - 2020-04-30 718
They called about some refund about me. So I called them back and asked them "what business is this?" And of course it is this place's business. They said that I had been charged fees for services that I didn't agree to. Yeah, right. Then they told me that there is a refund of money due to some internet service that I didn't want. Yes. They're scammers trying to get my money.

Report for 1-3513620607 - 2020-04-30 351
Another from the same number.... I am getting very tired of these phone calls...I have the number blocked... And they continue to call.. Please be able to stop these calls... these are very very annoying.. please stop these calls... these calls really are beyond nothing but a scam or a fraud scammer.. I have been being tired a of these callsfor well over 10 years now.. just some old and old thugs.... and the calls are always around 7:00 p.m. earth highway calls, and again just beyond nothing but a scam and frauds.. ...please be taken off of this

Report for 1-3026523861 - 2020-04-30 302
Got a call on my cell from the number. It was a recording telling me I had a giftcard waiting for me. When a woman came on the line with a British accent, I said 'This is a fraud, goodbye" She quickly asked 'Am I speaking to a man or a woman?", I said no, she was polite and said 'There's nothing to be worried about' and hung up.

Report for 1-7024107872 - 2020-04-30 702
Called at 8:30 Am with recorded name and saying I had 4 serious allegations against my name. Total BS!!!

Report for 1-5032242941 - 2020-04-30 503
Called 7 times yesterday, today already 3. Scam

Report for 1-2818270092 - 2020-04-30 281

Report for 1-9104007899 - 2020-04-30 910
I have had a couple of phone calls from this number. I tried to call back and got a message that the call cannot be completed as ring. I tried again later and it was no longer a working number.

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