Report for 1-8082506940 - 2020-01-11 808
Called at 6am today. No message left

Report for 1-8572628961 - 2020-01-11 857
Called my number saying they were the "Fraud Division " about a criminal investigation. The same people with "John Marshall" from the "criminal justice system" saying they received a confidential affidavit on me. The guys don't even know their proper name to begin with scammers

Report for 1-7204240800 - 2020-01-11 720
Keeps calling and does not leave a message. Have been getting more than 50 calls from this number.

Report for 1-4350269086 - 2020-01-11 435
They just called and it sounded like they hung up as soon as the answering machine picked up. Very rude.

Report for 1-5057492196 - 2020-01-11 505
I received a call from this number. They did not leave a message

Report for 1-6185319041 - 2020-01-11 618
Caller called and asked for money to support law enforcement. Told him to get a job and hung up.

Report for 1-7439987207 - 2020-01-11 743
CID showed SSI. They have called several days in a row. They start early and call all day.

Report for 1-9499005699 - 2020-01-11 949
This is another number for a call center. You can always verify it's not them by calling 1-877-569-2430.

Report for 1-2175251752 - 2020-01-11 217
Called, left voice mail message.

Report for 1-2402193688 - 2020-01-11 240
Called and left a message and said someone was using my SSN and to call them so they can help me get the grant money

Report for 1-9097388664 - 2020-01-11 909
This is for sure a scam that is going on, the guy was very rude, they said they can't keep their promises for the money they want, I let them know why they are so intent on getting their money they should be stopped, please if you want to donate to cancer or someone in need don't by a scam!

Report for 1-8126002021 - 2020-01-11 812
They also called from 856-233-6062, this time they claimed to be the IRS, the same story, they have a arrest warrant, call back immediately....same message. I blocked this number.

Report for 1-5413124407 - 2020-01-10 541
They called me asking for someone else. They had my SS number and claimed they were trying to verify my identity. When i gave him the number he said it was for someone else. I asked for a number where i could call him back and have a person with the same name contact him. He said no. This is fraud.

Report for 1-9492282852 - 2020-01-10 949
Calls everyday. Won't leave a message. Have called multiple times asking for the same person but always hangs up. Scam.

Report for 1-7015201875 - 2020-01-10 701
I am from Arizona and keep getting phone calls from this number saying I have a lawsuit against me. I have reported this to the Police.

Report for 1-7701352771 - 2020-01-10 770
Got the same message. I answered, no one there. I called the number and heard a recording asking if if I wanted to be placed on no-call list. They didn't say a company name or what the product was. Total SCAM.

Report for 1-4105726046 - 2020-01-10 410
A lady with a heavy foreign accent asked "Hi, is your furnace running? I don't hear that on my end, is it OK to call in next few minutes?" I said "no" and she hung up.

Report for 1-3238071375 - 2020-01-10 323
This is a scam. Blocked the number. Do not even answer it if you are not familiar with the number. They'll just sell your number to the other scammers out there.

Report for 1-3603187358 - 2020-01-10 360
I just received an exact call from 667-330-9018 with exact same threat...a warrant

Report for 1-7028065426 - 2020-01-10 702
Called me on my cell phone. I rejected it. They did not leave a message.

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