Report for 1-6670266790 - 2020-07-01 667
They have called my cell phone 3 times this morning. I tried calling them back on another phone and it said this number was not in service. I tried this with the same number several hours ago, same results.

Report for 1-5048212400 - 2020-07-01 504
Unwanted call from a company stating they are from Nissan. When I told them that I do not know this vehicle and do not wish to be contacted they hung up on me. When I called Nissan

Report for 1-3032095561 - 2020-07-01 303
Same here. Called 9:00 PM. No message.

Report for 1-2062503351 - 2020-06-30 206
Tried to collect from me, They told me they had my full information and that it was not confidential, that they were the county DA for my county, I told them I need paperwork to prove the debt. Kept calling back threatening to have me arrested if I did not pay them.

Report for 1-3523287641 - 2020-06-29 352
The same number called my cell phone twice but I didn't answer the call. Did not leave a message.

Report for 1-3472775006 - 2020-06-29 347
Robo voice claiming to be IRS telling me to call this number

Report for 1-5074009952 - 2020-06-29 507
Same here, but when they called the number went straight to voice mail. They didn't leave a message

Report for 1-6076449946 - 2020-06-29 607
Called but left no message.

Report for 1-7544160500 - 2020-06-29 754
Called and left v/m saying this was the irs and I was under indictment call back before I get arrested.

Report for 1-5597215484 - 2020-06-29 559
I'm in the process of filing several lawsuits against this company...

Report for 1-8054974708 - 2020-06-29 805
My caller ID says it is a cellular call; if it doesn't leave a message my caller ID gets blocked.

Report for 1-9031532221 - 2020-06-29 903
did not leave message. This number calls me everyday! I keep the number to my cell and put the spammer on my "reject all incoming calls" list. Sometimes two numbers call back in a row, but at least I've shut down this number for now...they will just change their number and call again...

Report for 1-9154979404 - 2020-06-29 915
Missed call, no message

Report for 1-6029098736 - 2020-06-29 602
This number called my office phone. When I answered, the line immediately went to a busy signal. When I called it from my cell phone, it was some recording about an important message about Medicare.

Report for 1-4144886112 - 2020-06-29 414
They have called every day for the past three days. No message left. I have to assume it's a scam.

Report for 1-5036795911 - 2020-06-29 503
A man named Daniel is constantly calling my home harassing me saying i owe on a unpaid payday loan. I tell them i dont owe anything and they want to sue me for taking what they call a payday loan. Now they have some lady that calls herself a nurse calling. I have no way to get them to stop. If anyone has any more information on this situation I would appreciate it.

Report for 1-4158908201 - 2020-06-29 415
Just got the same message for my sister.

Report for 1-8452371051 - 2020-06-29 845
called but didn't answer - no message

Report for 1-3048426224 - 2020-06-29 304
Called my business about Google business listing verification. Asked for name of person that handles the business listing when I called back. I asked them for the business address when I gave them, they asked what was the business address I was calling about. When I said I didn't feel comfortable providing my business address

Report for 1-3037711143 - 2020-06-29 303
Calls me all the time. I have blocked this so now they call with a different number. I never pick up because I don't know who is calling...but I wish they would quit.

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