Report for 1-8185056651 - 2020-04-28 818
Said they needed me at my place of employment to serve a warrant to be issued. The guy named Jason Anderson called me. Wanted to know if I knew someone with the name "Jackie Wilson" and said he was an investigator. Asked who. This is an old scam. They've found a way to harass with the old info to make it sound like it's real.

Report for 1-6176700229 - 2020-04-28 617
This was a automated call threatening that if I didn't call back I would be put into a legal litigation process. I suspect this is a scam and the number listed on this website isn't a valid call from the number that showed on caller ID.

Report for 1-4085281909 - 2020-04-28 408
Robo call for car warranty expiration... Caller ID shows as Unknown Name.

Report for 1-5733344491 - 2020-04-28 573
Call the number back and a recording came on and said thank you for calling WN positions and to stay on the line to talk to a hiring manager for an important recruiting effort. I hung up.

Report for 1-3318080223 - 2020-04-28 331
Same scammer calls from various numbers, the caller may be a fake debt collector or they may be offering a fake payday loan. Most likely a SPAM call that spoofs numbers from all over the USA. Block the number if you are able to do so.

Report for 1-3138889900 - 2020-04-28 313
Caller left message about a summons from the county I live in and left this number. Caller ID indicated caller was "GATEWAY COMMUNICATIONS". Obviously a SCAM!

Report for 1-3132860067 - 2020-04-28 313
A recording saying my computer services were going to be suspended called and left message to call them.I do not use Microsoft nor any software with them.

Report for 1-7708724619 - 2020-04-26 770
Called landline, no message left.

Report for 1-3025264137 - 2020-04-26 302
Same scam message as above..

Report for 1-7025138141 - 2020-04-26 702
Another unwanted call to my new cell phone from this number. I don't recognize. I'm blocking it. I have no idea how they would have gotten my number.

Report for 1-6307704551 - 2020-04-26 630
Got a call from the number on 5/

Report for 1-5708249831 - 2020-04-26 570
Just got a call from this number and a recording. Said she was a process server and I needed to call this number because "she will have me arrested." Then there was a bunch of people talking in the background. They said they were from the law offices of Edward Jones. Just one more scammer and I blocked the number.

Report for 1-9096222808 - 2020-04-26 909
Rang to voice mail and left no message. My caller ID showed "Out of Area", I don't know anybody in that area code and no message was left so it's not a legitimate caller.

Report for 1-9136764100 - 2020-04-26 913
Called at 10:52 on a Monday and asked to speak with person

Report for 1-4242405323 - 2020-04-26 424
Same thing a guy named Mark Johnson left a vm stating he was a processor with federal court saying paperwork had been submitted. Said if I didn't contact them he would go to my work and then file paperwork with the court. Called back on a different phone number. Person would not give name either. Threatening. Blocking.

Report for 1-7179324077 - 2020-04-26 717
Got call from this number and then they immediately hung up.

Report for 1-8172037761 - 2020-04-26 817
I just got a voice mail call today from them claiming they are the IRS, and I must call or my attorney or else a lawsuit was going to be filed against me. I did not call back.I checked my state office of tax and reported them.

Report for 1-2133166239 - 2020-04-26 213
Missed a call no voicemail left. Called back and got fast busy signal.

Report for 1-7325331660 - 2020-04-26 732
They have called my cell phone a few times. When called back, it said the number is no longer in service. I've read a lot of these complaints, and when they called my cell phone, they actually did say that. It is a collection agency. They call from as late as 8:00pm and as early as 10:00am, I am on the do not call list. They are an illegal agency which has absolutely NO PROFESSIONAL PRACTICE. DO NOT ANSWER IF THEY CALL YOU!

Report for 1-4142468022 - 2020-04-26 414
I believe they have my social

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