Report for 1-8598736797 - 2020-08-30 859
Received same message as others. I text back, wanted to see what the company name was, wanted my name, and then wanted to know how much I was to take out of my bank account.

Report for 1-4042207655 - 2020-08-30 404
This number has been calling my cell for days, sometimes 2 x/day. No vm has been left, no idea who this is.

Report for 1-8123148079 - 2020-08-30 812
Received numerous calls from this number. I let all go to voice mail. They all have the same accent but they tell me they are from Washington. They use different phone numbers. Today they are calling for my father with this number (206) 451-1616 and different number but same name. Today they are calling from the US Government.

Report for 1-2123520255 - 2020-08-30 212
Criminals trying to steal your money. Block these idiots.

Report for 1-2609940624 - 2020-08-30 260
They called and left no message.

Report for 1-2705513915 - 2020-08-30 270
The call did not say from who just said it was the social service administration and my SS# will be stopped if I don't respond it's in my best interest to contact at this number asap. SCAM!!!

Report for 1-3517917624 - 2020-08-30 351
This call just came in on my cell. I didn't answer and they didn't leave msg. If it's important, they will keep calling. Just another unknown or private number that doesn't leave a message, and that's that.

Report for 1-2063387217 - 2020-08-30 206
call left on answering maching. no message. don't know anyone in this number.

Report for 1-9194639680 - 2020-08-30 919
got the call, tried too hard to get through and my call ended, no message

Report for 1-2143066880 - 2020-08-30 214
they call and call and call and we all know they are full of crap and are scammers . and im just a little happy that there are a lot of gullible people who are out there . thanks for the heads up . i got a call too and they hung up on me . i wish i'd had time to play with these [removed:lang] . i will know then that theres something fishy going on

Report for 1-2094374899 - 2020-08-30 209
Yes, got the same call. A computer generated female voice saying in an annoyed tone that I was going to be arrested if I don't call back. I've got the same message on my answering machine from other numbers as well.

Report for 1-4135283364 - 2020-08-30 413
Robo call claiming to be from the IRS and threatening to file suit if I don't call. I have no outstanding debts (soooo...) blocked!

Report for 1-7037771880 - 2020-08-30 703
Received 2 calls from this # today...didn't answer either.

Report for 1-3156757745 - 2020-08-30 315
Same here. I tried to call the number (716-823-1453), and it is out of service.

Report for 1-2403650586 - 2020-08-30 240
Called and left No message.

Report for 1-4042870376 - 2020-08-30 404
I have the exact same thing but I replied to it so I can see what type of scam he's trying to pull on me and then I blocked the number.

Report for 1-6162459921 - 2020-08-30 616
Received a voicemail from this no. The guy said he is Officer Jones and will have an arrest warrant out for me if I do not call back with some case no. I'm going to report this no. and maybe if people report this no. this can stop. It's for sure an attempt to extort money from people. Report it no.

Report for 1-6266980880 - 2020-08-30 626
Caller asked to speak with the person responsible for the electric bill. Asked him to remove my number from the list, but I still get calls at all hours of the day and night. Very irritating!

Report for 1-9200289777 - 2020-08-30 920
Received a call from this number at 9:16 PM EST. Caller ID read: TEXAS 703-919-0479. Didn't leave a message. I called this number back at 1:00 AM and a recorded voice came on with a woman's voice then a beep and stated "You have been contacted by PLS, please hold on the line for the next available associate. The next available associate will assist you shortly. If you feel comfortable leaving a message please return it to the beep and the attorney's phone number will be 314-450-0966. Thank you. This is a very disturbing time to receive these type of calls.

Report for 1-2403896635 - 2020-08-30 240
They called my cell and stated I had a warrant. They said if I didn't pay they were taking me to court.

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