Report for 1-4242098594 - 2020-03-04 424
I get calls every afternoon from this number but they never leave a message. I am on the Do Not Call Registry.

Report for 1-5414804208 - 2020-03-03 541
Called and did not leave a message.

Report for 1-6034374897 - 2020-03-03 603
Caller ID showed # as "unknown name". CID reported it was From New York. No message was left

Report for 1-2162208439 - 2020-03-03 216
Received a message from Linda Miller stating that same exact thing but this time, my name was Shawn White.

Report for 1-2013103747 - 2020-03-03 201
Called, no message, blocked

Report for 1-3143900606 - 2020-03-02 314
I got a text that was a picture from my house.

Report for 1-4108074568 - 2020-03-02 410
I don't owe anything and they said they were going to take legal action if i couldn't pay them the money. What I don't get is how did they get my personal information. They claimed it was from 8 years ago.

Report for 1-2120116605 - 2020-03-02 212
I have received a voice mail from a guy using a very bad english accent and telling me to call this # as soon as possible regarding a legal matter I have received a few calls like this and some even use different names on the messages. I don't know what to do. The only thing I have done to protect myself is ask that all calls from those that have the ability and I would report them to the police and have all calls from them traced but how do I do that. Please

Report for 1-2028602487 - 2020-03-02 202
This is about the 10th time I was told it was my first and last chance to clear up this matter.

Report for 1-8124452035 - 2020-03-02 812
This is a new one. As I read the posts from last year it is illegal. It is the same call about the police donations. Please check your local laws

Report for 1-4434787388 - 2020-03-02 443
They call several times a week.

Report for 1-3614822270 - 2020-03-02 361
They called and left no message

Report for 1-8126409008 - 2020-03-02 812
Yes I just received a call from the same message. Thanks for all your input.

Report for 1-9497162412 - 2020-03-02 949
Social Security Administration, saying there was a problem with my SS# and to call immediately. Felt like a scam to me. Do not provide your personal information.

Report for 1-3195588982 - 2020-03-02 319
I received a call from this number and when I said hello, a recording came on to say the system will now log me in if I want to be placed on their do not call list.

Report for 1-4078950880 - 2020-03-02 407
Rec'd a call from this number this morning and didn't answer. Glad I didn't. Thanks for the info.

Report for 1-6100620630 - 2020-03-02 610
Called, no vm

Report for 1-6311152370 - 2020-03-02 631
They are calling constantly. I don't answer, they don't leave a voicemail and they don't answer when I call back.

Report for 1-2122449372 - 2020-03-02 212
I get calls from this number constantly but I answer and nobody speaks. Please call back please and please stop.

Report for 1-2132790973 - 2020-03-02 213
The caller said there was a case file against me and to call back at this number.

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